Kristi’s Cat Charlie Teaches Us to Trust God

Kristi’s cat, Charlie, follows her around all day and purrs in her lap. But he’s scared of cleanings and needs a “severe mercy”! Bill and Kristi draw out lessons from their cat and the Bible on trusting God.

Sharing Emotions Without Dumping

Do your emotions help or hinder your life and your relationships? Being vulnerable is different than dumping on people. Caring for people is different than rescuing them. Bill and Kristi share wisdom for processing emotions and maintaining objectivity in conflicts.

Mother’s Day: Gratitudes and Griefs

Kristi shares that being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding thing she’s done and shares with Bill how we all have gratitudes and griefs to express to God, our perfectly loving mother (Isaiah 66:10-13).

Loving the Child In You and Others

Bill and Kristi help you connect with the vulnerable child in you and in others. They share examples from their lives and their ministry to help you more fully trust in Jesus and grow up in the Father’s love. Kristi uses Psalm 131 to show you how to pray for yourself and others: “Jesus is Enough.”

Wrapped Around the Lord

Most of us don’t like to wait. But in a time of praying Psalm 27 Kristi discovers that waiting is “wrapping herself around her loving Lord!” This is not a burden — it’s a delight! Bill and Kristi help you experience greater intimacy with God in your prayers for yourself and others.

The Blessings of Mentoring Relationships

Officiating a wedding together for a ministry couple has Bill and Kristi reminiscing on life lessons they’ve learned from their spiritual mentors. They share wisdom for marriage and all relationships and inspire you to shine your light and pass on the blessing of spiritual mentoring.

The Loneliness of Leadership

Most Christian leaders say they don’t have a close friend. There’s a certain aloneness and feeling of being unappreciated that goes with ministry. You carry others’ burdens but who carries yours? Bill and Kristi feel the struggle and invite you to join their conversation.