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269 – Journey of the Soul (I Stage)

Listen to This Episode of Soul Talks:  Bill and Kristi have an honest and open conversation about how the role of emotions helps us go deeper in our journey with the Lord. Hear from them about what it looks like to walk into the Intimacy with Jesus stage, where we long for God’s presence and…

267 – Journey of the Soul (The Wall)

Listen to This Episode of Soul Talks:  Bill and Kristi discuss the painful experience of the Wall, where God seems distant and it can be difficult to trust his presence in our lives. Bill and Kristi are well-acquainted with this stage of the spiritual journey and offer great compassion, encouragement, and insight into the sacred…

266 – Journey of the Soul ( R Stage)

Listen to This Episode of Soul Talks:  In the “Responsibilities in Ministry” stage, we discover the joy of bringing our gifts and talents to make a difference in God’s kingdom. Energy and excitement in serving can be found in this stage and it can also lead to spiritual dryness or burnout. Bill shares his journey…

264 – Journey of the Soul (C Stage)

Listen to This Episode of Soul Talks:  The “C” stage, Confidence in Christ,  is the first of the CHRIST model outlined in Journey of the Soul. In this stage, we turn from darkness to light and experience the grace of God’s sticky love. Kristi describes a discipling relationship she had with someone in the “C”…

263 – Great Joy in Each Stage With Jesus

In Jesus’ divinity and humanity, he journeyed with the Father through stages of faith. He is our model. In this episode, Bill and Kristi walk through the ways that Jesus journeyed through each of the CHRIST stages. Grow in your faith as you see more deeply how Jesus engaged his human life with joy and trust in the Father!

261 – Balancing Marriage & Work

Bill and Kristi have experienced first-hand the difficulties and benefits of balancing work and marriage. Their commitment to navigating this reality has offered them insight and practical tools to creating a thriving marriage and fulfilling work. They talk openly about what they’ve learned and how it can help you love your spouse more deeply and engage in meaningful work. 

260 – Healthy Feelings & Faith in Small Groups

Group process is a powerful tool in growing a vibrant faith integrated with healthy emotions. Guiding people in a group journey is challenging with many different personal experiences and personalities. That’s why Bill and Kristi created a practical and helpful leader’s guide so that you can confidently shepherd your group with structure and empathy.