170 – Re-Form: Empowered by Grace, Free of Straining

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks     Do you feel worn out and exhausted trying to perform and please? Jesus does not ask us to perform for Him, He asks us to take up His easy yoke that He has perfectly designed for us. Join Bill and Kristi as they share their personal…

169 – Re-Form: Easy Yoke Disciplines

  Listen to this episode of Soul Talks In this episode Bill and Kristi share more about the Soul Shepherding Institute and their heart behind why they do it. They also share an excerpt of the teaching from the Institute on discipleship. This teaching dives into what it truly means to be a disciple of…

168- Re-Form- The Jesus Mentor – Dallas Willard’s Influence

  Listen to this episode of Soul Talks   In the Bible, the apostle Paul said to the people in his day, ‘Follow me as I follow Christ.’ We all need people in our lives that are clearly living out the true love and ministry of Jesus. We need a mentor to walk through life…

167 – E-Soul: Your Face of Christ

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:   Do you want to daily reflect Christ and point others to Him? Bill and Kristi talk about reflecting the face of Christ in our everyday lives. The challenge can sometimes be the broken areas of our personalities that get in the way, but God’s beautiful grace helps…

166 – E-Soul – How to Thrive in Your Intelligence Center

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:   We are each so uniquely made by God. Do you often wonder about how you can better connect with God and others in a healthy and loving way? God wants to meet us where we’re at and in the unique way he made each of us. Bill…

165 – Come Alive with Jesus!

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:   As we move closer to Easter, do you find yourself rushing past the pain of the cross to celebrate Jesus’ miraculous resurrection? In this episode Bill shares about writing his book Unforsaken on the stations of the cross. This honest conversation reminds us of the profound gravity…

164 – E-Soul – How Jesus Blesses Your Personality

Join Bill and Kristi as they continue their talk about the Enneagram and discuss the theory of the three triads. They talk about the basic emotional postures and how it relates to our personalities and how God so graciously blesses us through them. Kristi shares a recent story of her personal experience in this.

163 – E-Soul: Repairing a Hurt or Conflict

What happens when our own insecurities surface as our personality types bump up against each other in life and ministry? In a powerfully vulnerable conversation, Bill & Kristi share their own recent journey processing pain points and loving one another with empathy and grace. We hope this transparent conversation brings you encouragement and grace in your own journey in life and ministry!

162 – E-Soul: Step Out of Stress (All 9 Types)

To become our best personality, we need to become aware of our stress points and reactions.  Join Bill and Kristi as they continue exploring the Enneagram and how spiritual disciplines can help us reconnect to God and tune in to the Spirit.

161 – Enneagram: Marriage & Ministry

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for relationships and loving well. It can even give us words to articulate our experience in marriage. Join Kristi and special guest, Hannah Schuller from Shepherd’s Grove Church and the Hour of Power, as they share how the Enneagram has helped them in their marriage.