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Soul Shepherding’s Spiritual Direction Training (SDT) is a two-year certificate program that combines four residential training retreats that are five days long with monthly online groups for mentoring and supervision. The program emphasizes learning by personal experience and receiving group supervision in your Spiritual Direction ministry. The training is provided by Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, along with Soul Shepherding Associates who are certified Spiritual Directors, including Craig Davis, Jeff McCrory, Dave Rimoldi, and others.

The SDT training program meets the guidelines of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors’ Association (ESDA). When you graduate you will receive a framable certificate in “Spiritual Direction” from Soul Shepherding, Inc. You can then apply to become a Soul Shepherding Associate, with your profile provided on our website (which receives over 1,000,000 page views a year). Also you can apply to be listed as a Spiritual Director on the ESDA website and in other public settings.

We have ten students from around the world participating in our first cohort which started in January 2018. To be accepted into Soul Shepherding’s Spiritual Direction program you need to have personal experience with receiving Spiritual Direction (or spiritual mentoring/discipling) and complete an application. Contact us to learn more or to get on the interest list for our next cohort!

Certificate Program Requirements

To earn a certificate in “Spiritual Direction” from Soul Shepherding, Inc. students will complete:

  • 4 Soul Shepherding Institute Retreats in or near Orange County, CA as part of a cohort of about 16 men and women in ministry (5-days each)
  • 16 hours of personal Spiritual Direction (some hours are provided on the retreats.)  12 are arranged on your own with Soul Shepherding staff or an approved director/mentor of your choice. and paid for by you directly.
  • 12 Spiritual Direction Training Online Classes, (one 90-minute class every other month)
  • Related reading assignments and a practicum project
  • 12 online supervision groups to discuss your spiritual direction cases with a trained Spiritual Director every other month and 1 individual supervision meeting.
  • 12 books from the Spiritual Direction Training and Certification Reading List
  • 1-3 short Reflection Papers turned in at the end of each two-month unit.


Soul Shepherding’s faculty of Spiritual Directors meets periodically for prayer and oversight of the program.  Learning in spiritual community is the heart of this program!


We use Zoom for the online classes and supervision groups. You’ll need access to a computer with high speed Internet, video, and audio (this could be a smart phone). You’ll need to set up a free account with Zoom and have your computer in a room that’s quiet and confidential. If you need help a Soul Shepherding staff person will assist you.


The four Soul Shepherding Institute retreat weeks happen over two calendar years and cost $900 each (including lodging and food). The other aspects of the Spiritual Direction Training (e.g., online classes and supervision groups and completion of assignments) cost $150 per month for 24 months. The total cost of the certificate program is $7,200 per person. (12 of your 16 individual Spiritual Direction sessions need to be arranged and paid for by you separately.)

If finances are an issue you can apply for a partial scholarship.


Soul Shepherding starts a new Spiritual Direction certificate training online cohort in March of each year. The pre-requisite Institute cohorts with four residential retreats start in January/February and October of each year. Register early as we expect to fill. Contact us if you’re interested!


Once you’re approved for this program, the way you hold your spot and register is by paying for your first Institute retreat and setting up a recurring payment of $150 per month to Soul Shepherding. You can make your payments here..

More Info?

Contact us for more information.