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Earn a Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Everyone longs to go deeper with Jesus in emotional health and loving relationships.


But many are derailed by stress overload, discouragement, or spiritual dryness. And their efforts to be healthier and more loving get hijacked by unconscious self-defeating patterns. They need the compassionate listening, care, and guidance of a spiritual director trained in Jesus-centered psychology and spirituality.

You can be that spiritual director, assisting the Spirit of Jesus to minister God’s empathy, grace, and wisdom to people who are struggling or stuck in their spiritual journey. Plus you can earn side-income from this ministry or qualify for a better job.

About the Spiritual Direction Training Program

Drs. Bill and Kristi Gaultiere have trained thousands of people like you in their Jesus-centered psychology that informs the Spiritual Direction Training Program offered by Soul Shepherding.


In this two-year journey with a community of friends you will be equipped to begin a professional practice as a spiritual director or to bring excellent spiritual direction skills into your current ministry or job.

Program Benefits

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You can get taste of the training program by being “in the classroom” with Bill, Kristi, and other spiritual direction training instructors through these recorded class video trainings

Certificate Program Training Components


Institute Retreats in a community of about 30 fellow soul shepherds


Online Classes and supervision groups (90-minutes each month)


Practicum experiences to practice spiritual direction ministry and receive support from your supervisor and peers


12 or more meetings with one of Soul Shepherding’s Sr. Spiritual Directors

The Spiritual Direction certificate program also includes 14 assigned books* to read/review (from the Soul Shepherding reading list that informed the curriculum), 5 reflection papers, and 1 individual supervision meeting (with the option to add more).


We provide you with a Certificate Completion Planner that makes it easy for you to track your progress and earn your certificate.

Spiritual Direction Training Faculty

Bill Gaultiere, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Founder, Instructor
Kristi Gaultiere, Psy.D.
Psychotherapist, Founder, Instructor
Dave Rimoldi, M.Div.
Program Lead, Supervisor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Instructor
Jeff McCrory, Ph.D.
Pastor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Instructor, Supervisor
Susan Snyder, M.D.
Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Healing Prayer Minister
Sheridan McDaniel
Pastor, Sr. Coach, Instructor
Michelle Ruetschle
Pastor’s wife, Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Author
Wes Johnson, D.Min.
Pastor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Author
Ed Salas, MA
Pastor, Supervisor, Author
Amy Dalke
Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor
Nan Popineau
Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor

What people are saying....

It was so very helpful for me to read your book "Journey of the Soul" and to realize that everything I was feeling (and doubting!) was a normal part of going deeper into life with Jesus. God has really used the Institute to solidify in my heart what following Jesus in the next phase of life can look like. My passion for serving God's people is renewed!

“I wish every pastor and ministry leader could benefit from Bill and Kristi's ministry!"

After only one year in the program, my life has changed dramatically. I've experienced healing from a long season of church hurt and am experiencing the joys of a life yoked with Jesus. I've made soul friendships in the program that I know will last into eternity. And I am being equipped for my calling in Christ to help others in their journeys!"

“I have never felt so listened to and cared for as when I talked with Dave on the Soul Shepherding staff. Meeting with him for Spiritual Direction changed my insides. It changed how I operate and function as a pastor. Now, after going through the Institute and certificate program, I get to serve as a Spiritual Director for others!”

Soul Shepherding is so powerful [and shows us] this other side of developing the leadership of our heart and our soul… That’s the part that I’ve been missing. That’s the part that makes leadership flourish.


Starts March 1st each year.


$369* per month for 24 months (this includes fees for the required 4 Institute retreats).

A $100 non-refundable enrollment fee will be collected if you are accepted to the program.

*Additional costs for spiritual direction sessions, books, and a private room on retreats

** Pastors and missionaries can apply for partial scholarship assistance

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