Earn a Certificate in Coaching

Traditionally coach training programs are success oriented. The Soul Shepherding approach looks to Jesus as the Lead Coach to cultivate client’s emotional health, loving relationships, and fruitful work. It integrates foundational Christian coaching skills, a robust model of spiritual and psychological development, and practical tools for growth.

A Christ-centered foundation is central to our approach.

Students report that this program had a very positive impact on their personal growth and work as a coach. Our instructors provide you with encouraging support and vital feedback you need to be an effective coach for Christian leaders and others. You will be equipped and empowered to bring coaching into your current work or ministry or to begin a new coaching practice or ministry. 

The Soul Shepherding Coach Training Program is designed for coaches, pastors, business leaders, spiritual directors, missionaries, and others who want to become coaches to help people flourish with Jesus in their life and leadership.

Coaching Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Christian Coaching
  • Empathy in Coaching
  • The PEGS Model
  • Coaching Questions
  • Setting Goals in Coaching
  • Journey of the Soul (stages of growth)
  • When Leaders Hit the Wall
  • Leadership in Jesus’ Easy Yoke
  • Relationally Healthy Coaching
  • Sabbatical Coaching
  • Enneagram Coaching
  • Assisting the Spirit of Jesus in Coaching

Soul Shepherding core competencies for coaching:

  1. Led by the Spirit of Jesus
  2. Listen to clients with empathy
  3. Cultivate trust and safety for the coaching alliance
  4. Demonstrate ethical (loving) practice (including forms)
  5. Empower clients to take positive, prayerful action in life, work, and relationships

Program Benefits

  • Training from highly qualified Soul Shepherding staff (see below)
  • Informed by Christ-centered psychology 
  • Experiential learning 
  • Supervision to hone your skills
  • Eligible to apply to serve as a Sr. Coach on the Soul Shepherding staff 
  • 100% online or hybrid with four residential retreats
  • Membership to the Soul Shepherding Network
  • 20% off Soul Shepherding Products in our store

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You can connect with a member of our team via email or Zoom!

Coach Training Certificate Program Components


Institute Retreats in a community of about 30 fellow soul shepherds


12 Experiential Online Classes (90-minutes each)


Five practicum experiences to practice coaching ministry and receive support from your supervisor and peers


Eight or more meetings with one of Soul Shepherding’s Sr. Coaches (at a discount)

The Coach Training certificate program also includes 5 assigned books to read.

We provide you with a Certificate Completion Planner that makes it easy for you to track your progress and earn your certificate.

Coach Training Program Faculty

Bill Gaultiere, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Founder, Instructor
Kristi Gaultiere, Psy.D.
Psychotherapist, Founder, Instructor
Todd Rodarmel, M.Div.
Supervisor, Instructor
Dave Rimoldi, M.A.
Jodine Zeitler, M.A.
Programs Manager, Supervisor
Nino Johnson, M.Div.
Robyn Jungeblut
Supervisor, Instructor
Brianna Wood, M.A.
Supervisor, Instructor


The next Coach Training class will begin March 1, 2024.

Students may begin attending the four required Soul Shepherding Institute retreats at any time.  See the schedule for upcoming Institute retreat dates below.


$349* per month for 24 months (this includes fees for the required 4 Institute retreats).  Other payment arrangements are available.  Schedule a free Zoom call to discuss pricing options here.  

For current students or alumni of our Spiritual Direction Training Program, the Coach Training Program can be added for an additional $50 per month for 24 months or a one-time payment of $1,200.

*Reflects updated pricing as of Feb 1, 2023. For questions, please contact Jodine Zeitler at jodine@soulshepherding.org 

** There are additional costs for sessions with a Sr. Coach, network resources, books, and a private room on retreats

*** Pastors and missionaries can apply for partial scholarship assistance.

Additional Questions? Talk to Us!

You can connect with a member of our team via email or Zoom!