Loving and Letting Go

Releasing our children to be their own persons is part of loving them. It starts when they’re little and continues all through life!

Vacation Blessings and Trials

Bill and Kristi invite Jesus into their time away and find renewal, not only in rest and play, but also in sharing their emotional struggles and seeking the Lord apart and together.

Play and Process Together

You need spontaneous fun in your life. You also need to verbalize and understand your emotional distress. Bill and Kristi model this in their conversation about the pros and cons of an Abbey’s “rule of life” to not say anything bad about someone that you wouldn’t tell them directly.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

We tend to separate sexuality and spirituality, but God put them together. God’s plan is for husbands and wives is to enjoy sex in the context of emotional and spiritual intimacy.

Sharing Words of Affirmation

Many people are uncomfortable looking someone in the eye and saying something they appreciate and admire about that person. Ideas on giving and receiving affirmations so that it’s truly a blessing!

Kristi’s Cat Charlie Teaches Us to Trust God

Kristi’s cat, Charlie, follows her around all day and purrs in her lap. But he’s scared of cleanings and needs a “severe mercy”! Bill and Kristi draw out lessons from their cat and the Bible on trusting God.