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220 – Help for Screen Fatigue

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:  Technology is a gift in this season of social distancing, but it can also cause physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. God made us to connect in embodied ways and even though you can be doing good spiritual work over your screen, it takes a toll on our soul. Bill and…

Immanuel Journaling Worksheet

Have you heard of “Immanuel Journaling”? It’s spreading like wildfire across America and beyond! Kristi and I have found it to be a wonderful and powerful way to foster a greater awareness of God’s care. It’s a helpful tool for praying through your stress, hurt, intercessions, or whatever you’re experiencing, and appreciating God’s empathy and…

Serve What You’re Cooking

If we don’t care for our own souls under God as pastors, people-helpers and Christian workers we will get depleted. Bill and Kristi share about some practical ways to care for our souls in ministry.