Magnify Your Ministry!

Paul says of his pastoral ministry, “I magnify my office” (Romans 11:13, KJV). Pastor, do you magnify your office? Paul’s example and instruction is not just for professional church pastors—though it’s especially for them!—it’s for all of Christ’s ambassadors. So let me re-ask the question. Bible teacher, small group leader, marketplace worker, elder, counselor, leader,…

The Emotionally Smart Leader

Sadly, we’ve all seen Christian leaders fail because they lacked emotional wholeness. Our godly intentions can be overrun by our personal shortcomings. Angry reactions, lustful impulses, conflict avoidance, emotional distance, prideful self-reliance, power plays, or the inability to work well with other people sabotage godly purposes and lead to failure. Usually when leaders fail or…

Enjoying Ministry to Others

Jesus says, “Give and it will be given back to you.” (Luke 6:38) But often when we serve, care, or lead in ministry we’re weighed down with burdens, overstressed, or discouraged. We’re missing the joy of Jesus! Bill and Kristi share their struggles and renewals to encourage you.

Emotionally Healthy Community

Pastor Ken and Susan Baugh share with Bill and Kristi as we continue our series on “Repairing Torn Hearts and Relationships.” Here’s what it looks like to heal, forgive, bless, and love those who hurt us in our church or family.