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Re-Soul: 4 Ways Emotions Help You Love and Lead Better (and Prevent Burnout)

If you keep negating your emotions you’ll hurt yourself and people you love. Eventually you’ll burnout. This is true for pastors and other workers seeking to serve God. It may seem like your feelings, desires, and needs diminish your productivity. But research on emotional intelligence proves the opposite to be the truth. Caring for your…

161 – Enneagram: Marriage & Ministry

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for relationships and loving well. It can even give us words to articulate our experience in marriage. Join Kristi and special guest, Hannah Schuller from Shepherd’s Grove Church and the Hour of Power, as they share how the Enneagram has helped them in their marriage.

Communicating Emotion to Invite Empathy

Often in marriage or another relationship we think we have an intimacy problem when really it’s more about a boundary problem. Boundaries between people get blurred if either one tries to share their “feelings” by sharing their perceptions of the other person. This blurs boundaries and leads to conflict. Instead, if you share your personal…