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142: Spiritual Direction

In today’s world it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make space and give our attention and energy into organic relationships. Into deep, face to face connecting with people. Spiritual Direction relationships help to stir up conversations that are prayerful, authentic, meaningful, and encourage us in our discipleship to Jesus and our service to others. Bill and Kristi share an example of a chance encounter that turned into an organic spiritual direction conversation.
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7 – The Blessings of Mentoring Relationships

Officiating a wedding together for a ministry couple has Bill and Kristi reminiscing on life lessons they’ve learned from their spiritual mentors. They share wisdom for marriage and all relationships and inspire you to shine your light and pass on the blessing of spiritual mentoring.
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1 – Spiritual Hospitality

The hospitality of Christ begins with a demeanor and actions that say, "I'm glad to see you!" It deepens as we offer empathy — “stepping into another’s skin to feel for them” — and prayer. (1 Peter 4:8-9)
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Are you feeling stuck in your faith walk? The healthy Christian life is one of continuing spiritual, emotional, and relational growth, but sometimes we feel stuck or stagnated at one stage of the journey.

Get unstuck and identify the next steps you need to take to grow emotionally and spiritually—no matter where you are or how long you’ve been following Jesus.