The Loneliness of Leadership

Most Christian leaders say they don’t have a close friend. There’s a certain aloneness and feeling of being unappreciated that goes with ministry. You carry others’ burdens but who carries yours? Bill and Kristi feel the struggle and invite you to join their conversation.

Trusting the Risen Christ in Trials

Kristi shares with us that her sensitive heart absorbs the pain of others, including that of Christ on the cross. We explore how to trust the risen Christ with us in pain and difficulty.

Good Enough

In this episode Bill shares that despite an abundance of positive feedback in response to the recent launch of this “Soul Talks” podcast he has battled with releasing “imperfect” episodes. Kristi also shares about her issues with perfectionism. They invite you to join them in relying on God’s grace!

When It’s Good to Fail

This conversation on “When It’s Good to Fail” starts at our kitchen table. It’s about our fear of launching this Podcast and failing! We draw out each others feelings and offer empathy. Then I (Bill) make a comment that surprises both of us: “Failure can be good!”

Spiritual Hospitality

The hospitality of Christ begins with a demeanor and actions that say, “I’m glad to see you!” It deepens as we offer empathy — “stepping into another’s skin to feel for them” — and prayer. (1 Peter 4:8-9)