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Healthy Pastor Care

Empowering pastors and Christian leaders for long-term ministry impact

Pastor stress is enormous

Pastors and other ministry leaders are often under so much stress that they may find themselves just hanging on by a thread, about to burn out from exhaustion or blow out morally. Pastor stress statistics paint a stark picture:

  • 75% of pastors report being “extremely stressed” or “highly stressed”
  • 90% feel fatigued and worn out every week
  • 70% do not have someone they consider a close friend
  • 90% say they have not received adequate training to meet demands of ministry
  • 80% won't be in ministry 10 years later — a fraction make it a lifelong career

When pastors break down, become unhealthy, get caught in power struggles, or leave their ministry it’s painful and expensive for them and the church.

The health of pastors and leaders is too important to neglect

Investing in the emotional and spiritual health of pastors, leaders and ministry staff is what enables churches, ministries, and organizations to excel for the long-term. But caring for the souls of pastors requires specialization and time that is usually outside the scope of organizational leaders.

Soul Shepherding enables pastors, ministry staff, and organization leaders to lead others from a healthy soul and avoid the pitfalls of burnout.

Finally, a program to give pastors and leaders the support they need

Healthy Pastor Care is a comprehensive and affordable wellness plan for pastors, missionaries, ministry spouses, and other ministry leaders to keep them healthy and effective.

Meet your Guides

In 2009 we started Soul Shepherding to help pastors and ministry leaders thrive with Jesus. Our unique approach as Doctors of Psychology and Spiritual Directors cultivates intimacy with Jesus, emotionally healthy relationships, and fruitful ministry. Together we have trained thousands of pastors, spiritual directors, leaders, missionaries, and coaches.

A Path to Health

Institute Retreats

Experience engaging teaching, experiential learning, rest, solitude, and safe community on a 5-day retreat.

Spiritual Direction

Experience Jesus’ love and empathy for you through a Spiritual Director trained to help you connect with God and discern Holy Spirit’s leading.

Leadership Coaching

Grow and develop your skills as a leader and overcome stagnancy in your journey both in leadership and as a child of God.

Don’t wait until burnout takes its toll

Invest in Healthy Pastor Care to strengthen the emotional and spiritual health of pastors and Christian leaders. Their ministry, relationships, and personal well-being depend on it.

Support a thriving ministry

Picture your pastor(s) being rejuvenated, encouraged, and equipped with the tools they need to flourish in their spiritual life, relationships, and ministry. Healthy Pastor Care is not just a program; it’s a transformative experience that leads to lasting success.

Benefits of Healthy Pastor Care

  • Renewed intimacy with Jesus

Guided experiences in scripture meditation and prayer.

  • Emotional health

Conversational teaching on spiritual and emotional well-being.

  • Personalized care

Individual spiritual direction and coaching sessions.

  • Community support

Connect with like-minded leaders on retreats.

Ready to support pastors and leaders?

Save $400


Two 5-day retreats

Regular price:


Healthy Pastor Care price:


Save $240

Spiritual Direction

12 individual sessions

Regular price:


Healthy Pastor Care price:


Save $360

Leadership Coaching

12 individual sessions

Regular price:


Healthy Pastor Care price:


Additional information:

  • Each package is an annual program for one pastor/leader. You can purchase any combination of the three packages.
  • The services must be used within 12 months from purchase. The participant/organization is responsible for keeping records.
  • Unused services can be transferred to another pastor/leader in the organization. This ensures that, if there is a change in staff, the benefits are not lost.
  • Based on demand and limited space, participants with the retreat package are required to book their retreat 60+ days in advance.
  • If an HPC participant renews for a 2nd year within the initial 12-month period, they lock in the rate from Year 1.
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