164 – E-Soul: How Jesus Blesses Your Personality

Join Bill and Kristi as they continue their talk about the Enneagram and discuss the theory of the three triads. They talk about the basic emotional postures and how it relates to our personalities and how God so graciously blesses us through them. Kristi shares a recent story of her personal experience in this.

163 – E-Soul: Repairing a Hurt or Conflict

What happens when our own insecurities surface as our personality types bump up against each other in life and ministry? In a powerfully vulnerable conversation, Bill & Kristi share their own recent journey processing pain points and loving one another with empathy and grace. We hope this transparent conversation brings you encouragement and grace in your own journey in life and ministry!

162 – E-Soul: Step Out of Stress (All 9 Types)

To become our best personality, we need to become aware of our stress points and reactions.  Join Bill and Kristi as they continue exploring the Enneagram and how spiritual disciplines can help us reconnect to God and tune in to the Spirit.

161 – Enneagram: Marriage & Ministry

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for relationships and loving well. It can even give us words to articulate our experience in marriage. Join Kristi and special guest, Hannah Schuller from Shepherd’s Grove Church and the Hour of Power, as they share how the Enneagram has helped them in their marriage.

160 – Enneagram: You Are Beloved

This is part 2 of our conversation with Bobby Schuller.  Join us as Bill and Bobby continue to unpack how the Enneagram can help us live into our identity as the Beloved.  

159 – Enneagram: Anger & Love (Challenger Type)

Challenger types (#8) on the Enneagram tend to be vocal and thrive on making impact as leaders.  David in the Bible could be an 8 as he challenged Goliath and became King while learning to become vulnerable in his weaknesses (Ps. 51).  Join Bill and special guest Bobby Schuller, from the Hour of Power, as they unpack the growth and stress points of the challenger type.  

158 – Surprised by Jesus’ Joy at the Cross

Looking at the cross of Jesus can be painful and frightening. The writer of Hebrews tells us that there is joy on the cross journey. Join Bill and Kristi as they unpack the cross journey and how it has helped them to see joy in suffering.

157 – Enneagram: What You Don’t See in Your Personality

The Enneagram is a tool that can help us see our dysfunction, sin, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. God wants to show us the truth about ourselves and look at the parts of ourselves that is sinful so that we can repent and experience true freedom. Join Bill and Kristi as they further unpack each types’ “signature sin” and the pathway to repentance.

156 – Enneagram: Your Identity (Triads)

The Enneagram is a great tool that can help us become conscious of some deeply held internal beliefs, emotions, and attitudes.  As we become aware of them, we can grow beyond them.  Join Bill and Kristi as they unpack how each triad has specific wounds that can shape our sense of identity and point to our need for Jesus.

155 – Enneagram: Quieting Your Mind (Head Types)

Anxiety is the basic emotional posture of the head types. Some of us may rely on getting more information, or finding the right people, or simply get distracted with pleasures in order to avoid the feeling of anxiety. Join Bill and Kristi as they identify the unique challenges of each type and share how they can take their anxiety to Jesus.