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How to Expand Your Spiritual IQ

There is one soul care practice you especially need. Incorporating this spiritual discipline into your routine will bless you greatly and help your personality to flourish. You discover your key soul care exercise when you learn your Enneagram intelligence center or spiritual IQ (usually called your triad). Last week in our Soul Shepherding blog and podcast we talked about…

167 – E-Soul: Your Face of Christ

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:   Do you want to daily reflect Christ and point others to Him? Bill and Kristi talk about reflecting the face of Christ in our everyday lives. The challenge can sometimes be the broken areas of our personalities that get in the way, but God’s beautiful grace helps…

Awakening Your Intelligence Center

You have a spiritual IQ that is brilliant and powerful, but it’s largely hidden to you. As we’ve been sharing in our recent series of blogs and podcasts, in Soul Shepherding we use the Enneagram as a coaching tool to help you understand your personality and how you can grow in the grace of Christ…

Is the Enneagram Christian?

Some Christians think the Enneagram is New Age or Occult or only for Eastern religions. Because we use the Enneagram as one of our Soul Shepherding tools we’ve received some criticisms and judgmental attacks from Bible doctrine police on our Facebook and YouTube. (Follow us to receive our one-minute encouraging video clips that are reaching…

163 – E-Soul: Repairing a Hurt or Conflict

What happens when our own insecurities surface as our personality types bump up against each other in life and ministry? In a powerfully vulnerable conversation, Bill & Kristi share their own recent journey processing pain points and loving one another with empathy and grace. We hope this transparent conversation brings you encouragement and grace in your own journey in life and ministry!

161 – Enneagram: Marriage & Ministry

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for relationships and loving well. It can even give us words to articulate our experience in marriage. Join Kristi and special guest, Hannah Schuller from Shepherd’s Grove Church and the Hour of Power, as they share how the Enneagram has helped them in their marriage.