Lectio Divina: For You and Your Ministry
An inspiring online video course with handouts

Since the 6th Century when Benedict of Nursia developed Lectio Divina as a way of listening to God in a Bible text people have been using this discipline to help them open their hearts to Christ and one another. Lectio Divina can help us grow in our discipleship to Jesus Christ.

People often ask us, “What are the best Scripture passages to use for Lectio Divina?” We have over seventy that we’ve found especially helpful (including the twenty passages below). We’ve put them together in a handy digital booklet called “Lectio Divina Guides.”

This PDF booklet features instructions, an index of Scriptures with spiritual formation themes, and over seventy one-page meditations that can be printed out and shared. These Lectio Divina Guides have been field-tested in Soul Shepherding groups, spiritual direction, and retreats. They’re great for small groups, church staff or elder meetings, retreats, or private devotions. When you’re picking a meditation it’s helpful to look through our index of topics as you pray for God to guide you to the one that will be most helpful for you or your group.  The complete set of Lectio Divina Guides can be purchased from Soul Shepherding for $9.99 here.

The Lectio Divina Process

In our Lectio Divina Guides we lead you or your small group step-by-step in prayerfully meditating on a Scripture passage. You’ll listen for a word or phrase from the Bible text, engage emotionally with the Lord, listen to how God applies the Word to your life, and rest in the Lord’s embrace of love. Each guide has a title/theme for spiritual formation and soul care in Christ, the four steps of Lectio Divina that we use, a brief introduction to the Bible passage, an opening Abiding Prayer, the Bible passage (usually from the NIV), the focus questions for each reading, and space to journal.

Also we have over 50 Ignatian Meditation Guides that focus on using your imagination to meditate on Gospel passages.

And Your Best Life In Jesus’ Easy Yoke by Bill Gaultiere is based on using Lectio Divina with Jesus’ easy yoke (or rhythms of grace) teaching in Matthew 11:25-30.

The best way to learn how to do Lectio Divina for yourself or people you are ministering to is by having someone who is experienced, guide you through it. We do this for you in our online video course “Lectio Divina: For You and Your Ministry” by Bill and Kristi Gaultiere. This resource features seven short instructional videos with practical handouts. This will revolutionize personal devotions for you and your friends!

You can download Soul Shepherding’s complete set of 70+ Lectio Divina Guides for just $9.99!

Scripture Passages for Lectio Divina (Sample our PDF handouts for free!)

Help for Discouraged Leaders” (1 Samuel 30:1-6): David finds strength in the Lord when his men turn on him at Ziklag.

Surrounded By Angels” (2 Kings 6:8-17): Elisha prays for his servant’s eyes to be opened to see the spiritual Kingdom of God.

Two Ways to Live and Lead” (Psalm 1): Going your own way vs. listening to God.

The Dark Night” (Psalm 13): Take heart from David in a Dark Night of the Soul or other times of trial.

Life Without Lack” (Psalm 23 paraphrase).

Baptized in Christ” (Matthew 3:13-17): In Christ, the heavens are opened to us as they were to Jesus at his baptism: “You are my beloved child and in you, I am well pleased.” And the Spirit remains on us!

Jesus’ Easy Yoke For You” (Matthew 11:25-30): Learn to live and work in Jesus’ unforced rhythms of grace. This is the Lectio Divina that inspired our book, Your Best Life In Jesus’ Easy Yoke.

Jesus’ Glory in a Small Group” (Matthew 17:1-13): Christ our Lord shows us how to be a spiritual formation group.

See Jesus Seeing You” (Mark 1:14-20): As with his first disciples, Jesus sees you and calls, “Come, follow me.”

Peace! Be Still” (Mark 4:35-41): With Christ, we can be at peace — even before he calms the storm with a word!

Receiving God’s Word” (Luke 1:26-38): Mary’s great prayer of submission. (Especially good for Advent.)

Failure and Faith” (Luke 22:24-34): As with Peter, we all fail at times. The key is Jesus’ prayer for us that our faith in God not fail. (Especially good for Lent.)

Join the Father’s Work” (John 5:1-20): Jesus heals the invalid at the Sheep Gate Pool.

Christ Loving From my Body” (1 Corinthians 13): We need to cultivate habits of love.

The Radiant Son of God” (Hebrews 1:1-4): Captivate your heart with Christ to let him shine out from you to others.*

Revelation 1:9-19 “Riveted by Jesus in his Glory” Jesus appears in a vision, shining forth like the sun in his divine glory.

You can download Soul Shepherding’s complete set of 70+ Lectio Divina Guides for just $9.99!

Bill & Kristi Can Guide You and Your Small Group in Experiencing Lectio Divina!

Lectio Divina: For You and Your Ministry” is an online Lectio Divina resource with short video lessons from Soul Shepherding to revitalize your personal devotions in the Bible and your small group!

Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, co-founders of Soul Shepherding, explain the Lectio Divina process to you, show you how to meditate on Scripture, use a Breath Prayer from the Bible, listen for God’s voice, and engage in Soul Talk. They also talk about using Lectio Divina in small groups.

The online course features seven videos of 10 to 20 minutes. It also includes handouts and a small group leader’s guide.

Or Download Soul Shepherding’s complete set of 70+ Lectio Divina Guides for just $9.99!

11 responses to “Lectio Divina Guides

  • Hello
    I really love this material for “Look into Jesus’ eyes and follow him.
    I’m currently doing an FdA in theology and for an assignment i have chosen to reflect on a session of Lectio Divina. I need to reference any resources I use. Is there a publication date for “Look into Jesus’ eyes and follow him”?
    This would be very helpful.
    Thank you again for the great resourses! Really enjoy them

    • Hi Sam, we are so grateful that you are enjoying the Lectio Divina Guides and pray they will continue to bless you. You can use the posting of the article to the website of July 23, 2012 as the date you need. God bless you!

  • Dear Bill;

    I just had to tell you that I just found your Lectio guide and I’m so grateful. I am very new at Lectio (and about being seriously disciplined in my prayers). I know that the only way for me to grow as a Christian is to study the bible, but how to begin? It can be very intimidating at the start of something like this, when confidence is low and frustration sets in quickly. And I’ve noticed that if I don’t gain some sort of traction at the beginning of a challenge, I will give up quickly, losing my motivation and desire until the next time the longing for God gets too great to ignore. That’s why your site is so important to fledgling disciples like myself. I’m already pretty sure that this resource will greatly support my efforts to grow as a Christian. I wanted you to know that your work has given my growing faith a much appreciated helping hand when it was really needed! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank for sharing your experience with Lectio Divina Guides and we are grateful that the Lord as used them to draw you in deeper relationship with Him! Lord I thank you for Sharon and her heart to seek you and for your grace in our lives! I pray you will continue to bring Sharon closer to you and show her every day the love you have for her as your dear child.

  • These are wonderful guides to Bible study. I’ve printed them and used them in the Lectio Divina or the Ignatian Meditation style; they truly make the scriptures come to life. What a blessing! Thank you for your generosity in preparing and sharing them, not just with church leaders and pastors, but with everyone.

  • Thank you for these guides. Being new to Lectio Divinia, I find them easy to use, yet so profound. Thank you

  • I just love these – for my private time as well as with our small groups. Thank you so much for these. If you would ever like to create OT scripture guides they would be welcome.

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