Is the Enneagram Christian?

is the enneagram christian

Is the Enneagram Christian? Some Christians are concerned that the Enneagram is New Age or Occult or only for Eastern religions. Because we use the Enneagram as one of our Soul Shepherding tools we’ve received some criticisms.

I’m actually thankful for criticism. Of course, it doesn’t feel good, but often it includes feedback that I can learn from. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity for me to do good to those who persecute me or to love someone who seems to be an enemy (Luke 6:27).

You’re probably not part of the Enneagram watchdog group, but still, you may wonder, Is the Enneagram good for Christians to use? Is it a valuable resource for disciples of Jesus to understand personality and grow spiritually?

Our short answer is yes. That’s why after seven years of study and using the Enneagram we’ve written a book called Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith about the Enneagram and emotions scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023.

The Enneagram is just one of many tools we use. In this article we explore the use of the Enneagram within the context of the truth of God’s Word.

How To Use the Enneagram in a Biblical Context

Our main Soul Shepherding tool is God’s Word. 

We believe in the inspiration and authority of the Bible for providing God’s wisdom for life. In our study and teaching of truth, we always submit to the knowledge that God has revealed in the Bible which focuses on the person of Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of the Bible, the universe, and the space around our bodies (Colossians 1:15-20, 2:3; Hebrews 1:3).

Many Enneagram teachers, including some who identify as Christians, do not understand the Enneagram through a Biblical filter, and they do not use it to draw people to Jesus. That does not mean we can’t gain any wisdom from them — it just means we need to be careful. In fact, with anyone you learn from, including me, you need to look to the Lord Jesus as your Teacher and Life-Giver, the one mediator between God and people (1 Timothy 2:5).

Over the centuries and in modern times, there have been thinkers from other religions (or those with no religious beliefs) who have given input into the development of the Enneagram. As we explore the question, is the Enneagram Christian, we don’t believe that corrupts the knowledge base of the tool. 

Christians can glean wisdom from diverse sources. Even the Bible testifies to this. For instance, Paul draws on pagan philosophers and poets to teach God’s wisdo(Acts 17:28, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Titus 1:12). 

All truth is God’s truth and all truth is good to know and apply to our lives.   

In our personal lives and Soul Shepherding coaching of pastors and leaders, we have found great wisdom and helpfulness in the Enneagram. We believe there are “Seven Benefits of the Enneagram That Most People Miss.”

Jesus is the face of God. He shows us that the God of Angel Armies is our Abba, our loving Papa.

Our hope in our Enneagram teaching and in all of our Soul Shepherding content is that you would be drawn to Jesus Christ, our ever-living Lord, Savior, Teacher, and Friend. 

Right now the risen Christ is shining in glory and he looks upon you with a warm and welcoming smile! 

In the Enneagram God shows us a path for how each of the nine personality types can be redeemed of our dysfunctional and destructive modes of being to shine more and more like a face of Christ to the people around us.

I hope you’ve started to discover the answer to the question, Is the Enneagram Christian? If you’re looking for more Enneagram resources, check out our podcast series and videos.


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