I Am Because You Are the I AM

I was driving on a long and lonely road to go backpacking with my son David in Mammoth. He was sleeping. It was quiet. And before me was a vast stretch of highway winding through the desert and heading into the sky.

I was alone with my Creator in the quiet…

I was reminded of when my son was little and he slept quietly, but now he’s almost grown up!

Shifting Emotions, Stable Identity

As I drove the endless rode in solitude I looked into my rear view mirror of my life and I saw that days have turned into weeks and months and years and decades. Time keeps slipping away. Opportunities and people come and go. Sometimes I succeed and other times I don’t. Sometimes people appreciate me and other times they don’t. One day I feel good about myself and the next I may not. One day I know who I am and what I’m doing and the next I’m not sure.

Maybe sometimes you too feel lonely, unsure, inadequate, insecure?

Do you remember to connect with Christ like this as you go about your day? What a wonderful difference it makes to see the smile of Jesus and take hold of his hand! It helps us to live this moment as part of the eternal now! Like the Apostle John we can appreciate anew: I am the disciples Jesus loves! This is the foundation of true identity and well-being today and forever (John 13:23, 19:26, 20:2, 21:7, 21:20).

Praying Psalm 144

I was reminded of the blessing of knowing Christ as I was driving and praying through Psalm 144, a psalm of worship and dependence upon God. And David’s ancient Psalm inspired me to sing from my heart a new song of love for my Lord. Jesus Christ was the Beginning and the End of my thoughts and I found myself in the middle of Him…

I Am Because You Are the I AM

You are the I AM
I am because you are
I am your servant
You are my Loving God

You are my Air…
I am your breath
I am your shadow…
You are my Sunlight

You are my Commander
I am your soldier
I am in a war
You are my Fortress


You are reaching down
I am reaching up
I am trusting you
You are my Stronghold


You are our Rain
My son is your thriving plant
My daughters adorn your palace
You are our King



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