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Brianna Wood serves as a Sr. Spiritual Coach, Sr. Spiritual Coach, and Coaching Supervisor for Soul Shepherding. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, her transition from the counseling world to spiritual direction and coaching came from a desire to go “all in” doing spiritually integrative work with clients. Bri feels called to journey alongside individuals who are healing, growing, resting, stuck, or in turmoil in their relationships, faith, ministries or personal development.

Bri is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and holds a Master’s degree from Fuller Seminary.  She has worked alongside her husband in various pastoral ministries and knows firsthand the
spectrum of experiences that come from being a pastor’s wife and raising a family in pastoral settings. Before transitioning into Spiritual Direction and Coaching, she formerly worked in the
clinical world of psychology as a licensed therapist supporting pastors, pastoral family members, church leaders, and those with church trauma/faith crisis/deconstruction. She believes in the power of receiving true empathy, journeying in intimacy with others, and letting the Spirit lead, confirm, and dwell in session times.

Bri recently made the move from Orange County, CA to Franklin, TN with her husband, two sweet little boys, and golden retriever. Her happy place is hearing her kiddos belly laugh and feeling
connected to the people she loves over a cup of tea or shared experience.