7 Spirit-Anointed Syllables

This little prayer is anointed. It is powerful. It will bless you and others with God’s peace.

Why do I share it with you? Because you might need to pause right now and open yourself to the Spirit of God.

Imagine yourself standing with Jesus at his baptism. Because you’ve put your trust in him you are “in Christ.” You are baptized and blessed with him — be submerged in the baptismal waters, appreciate that you are immersed in the community of the Father, Son, and Spirit…

Hear the Father say to you the words you long to hear: “You are my beloved son/daughter and in you I am well pleased.”

See the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove land on you and remain on you.

Now pray: “Precious Dove remain on me.”

Doves don’t land on people and stay on them! But this Dove remained on Jesus and he’ll remain on you too when you put your confidence in Jesus Christ alone. Whatever is going on in your life, whatever you are feeling and doing right now you need this Dove to remain on you.

Precious Dove

Precious Dove remain on me…

Father’s Gift remain for me…

Christ’s presence remain with me…

Holy Spirit remain in me…

Each line is seven syllables. Breathe in God’s Spirit of peace…Exhale anything in you that is not of God… (On the breathe out you might pray, “Only you.”)

Then offer this prayer for a relationship you’re in or someone God puts on your heart by substituting “me” for “us” or someone’s name.

Today as often as you can remember pray, “Precious Dove remain on me…”

(“Precious Dove” was inspired by Psalm 74:19 and, of course, the gospel story of Jesus’ baptism.)


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