Many people write to me asking for help understanding their experience of the Jesus burn. I too feel this at times. Have you experienced the “Jesus burn”? Do you know what it’s like to feel God’s presence in your body?

Perhaps your heart has been warmed by God’s peace. Or on the back of your neck and shoulders you’ve felt tingly with the Spirit’s blessing or “anointing” when you were being prayed for or seeking God in a special way? Or maybe you’ve had a God-encounter in community worship or solitude that filled you with a deep longing for more of Jesus, a longing so intense that it pierces your heart and hurts in a sweet way.

I hope you have felt Jesus warming your heart with his mercy and love. I hope you have been blessed with experiences of this heavenly peace.

The Jesus burn is more than an emotion — it’s a sweet consolation from the Lord and can actual spiritual experience in your body or emotions. Sometimes we can observe it’s effects in our life. Often it accompanies expressions of wholehearted devotion to the Lord, like when singing praise to God in a vibrant worship community or a time of intensive prayer. (I have a Bible study that unpacks what it means to experience God: “A-B-I-D-E: The Experience of Knowing Christ Today.”)

But, as I’ll explain further, the Jesus burn is not a sign of holiness or merit. It’s not something we produce or control.

If you want to learn more about the Jesus burn the best place to go is to Jesus and his cross where his heart so burned with love for us that he died on the cross for our sins to reconcile us to God.The most powerful and recurring experiences of intimacy with Jesus and God that I have experienced have come from my meditations on Jesus’ crosswalk and sacrifice. I’ve used the ancient stations of the cross to guide me into the Gospel stories that take me up close and personal to my Lord and Savior. You can join me in this life-changing journey in my 68-page booklet, Unforsaken: With Jesus on the Stations of the Cross.

On the Road to Emmaus

Let’s go to the cross of Christ now. In the Bible we read the story of two disciples walking on the Emmaus Road. Jesus, their Messiah, had just been crucified. Then there were reports that his body was missing. These disciples didn’t know what to think. They were intently talking about this as they walked. Suddenly, the risen Christ appeared and walked with them, but they didn’t recognize him. All they knew was that a friendly stranger engaged them in conversation and much to their surprise and delight he opened up the Scriptures to them in ways that brought amazing insights, peace, and a longing for more.

When they arrived at their destination they begged their companion to stay with them. Their hearts yearned to spend more time with him, to be closer to him, and learn more from him. He agreed and they ate a meal together, continuing their deep, intimate spiritual conversation. Then despite being the guest at their table, he took bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them. Immediately, their eyes were opened: It’s Jesus! He has risen from the dead! Later, they remarked in amazement, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:13-35)

That’s the Jesus burn. It comes in precious solitude. It comes in fervent worship, in deep spiritual conversation with a friend, in difficult trials when you’re crying out to God continually… Sometimes. Whenever it comes it is a surprise because you weren’t seeking it — you were seeking Jesus, only Jesus.

The Blessing of the Jesus Burn

I often say, “Longing for God is the breath of the soul.” Yearning and hungering for more of Christ ought to be the passion of our lives. How sweet it is and how wonderfully renewing to experience Jesus in your heart, to have your will inflamed with desire for him. It’s profoundly confirming of the substance of Christ in your life when his words and his Spirit embrace you sweetly and inspire you to move closer to the Lord in a way that you can feel, even physically.

I believe it’s important that on occasion we are able to experience the reality of God in a tangible, personal way, perhaps not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. If as a Christ-follower you never have this blessing then maybe something is broken in your soul and needing repair. To open up the way of God to your heart psychotherapy or healing prayer may be needed. You may need help to overcome the effects of childhood wounds or deficits, the damage of past addictive behavior, or an experience of trauma.

But no one experiences the Jesus burn continually. If you did I suppose you’d burn up and be translated into heaven! Maybe that’s what happened to Enoch of old who walked with God for 365 years, growing more and more intimate with God until finally he was taken up to heaven (Genesis 5:21-24).

Sometimes people who are struggling with mental illness and having hallucinations or delusions report experiencing the Jesus burn or a similar manifestation. Is it real or psychotic? I don’t know.

The Dark Night of the Soul

We do need to be careful with all this talk about the Jesus burn.

All of us, including the most devoted and mature of Christ-followers, experience times of spiritual dryness when we don’t feel the warmth of God’s presence and perhaps we don’t even long for it. We receive no special visions or profound personal messages. God’s blessings seem remote and inaccessible. There is no Jesus burn for us. In fact, at these times serving the Lord may feel routine, burdensome, even depressing.

John of the Cross identified the most difficult times of spiritual emptiness as a “Dark Night of the Soul.” In the 16th Century he wrote extensively about his experience of this. Over two thousand years before him, the Psalmists prayed about the Dark Night, “Why, O Lord, have you hidden your face from me?” (Psalms 13:1, 88:14, and many others). Job lived it. Also Abraham, Jeremiah, and, of course, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross. And many other Biblical heroes. But most of us if we experience this spiritual emptiness we feel confused or like we’re doing something wrong.

The Dark Night is not a punishment from God. It is a time of testing. Will I love and worship the Lord even if I don’t experience any blessing from doing so? Will I continue to seek him if he doesn’t give me special visions, profound personal messages, or blessed spiritual experiences?

In these dry periods that are void of feeling God’s presence the Psalmist teaches us that we can be sustained by remembering our past experiences of God’s grace (Psalm 77) and by continuing to cry out with longing, not so much for God’s blessings, but to see his face, to draw closer to him (Psalm 42).

This Dark Night is an opportunity for spiritual maturation: to identify with Christ and become more like him. On the other side of the Dark Night of the Soul, if we learn from it, we are ready and able to demonstrate love for God and for neighbor even in difficult or unfair situations.

The Dawn that Pierces the Dark Night

When we give up trying to get spiritual highs from God we can learn instead to focus on loving God for God and loving other people for God, not because we should, but because he is so good and beautiful and all we want to do is to bless him.

Then we can begin to know the Lord in a whole new way. Previously, “knowing” God meant having an experience of him or an insight from him that generated strong emotion or confident belief. But now we learn to look around us and know God through observing and relying upon the reality of his character and handiwork that are all around us in nature, other people, and our own life circumstances.

Sometimes the grace we eventually receive from these Dark Nights facilitates profound breakthrough, transformation, and new and surprising experiences of peace, joy, and fruitfulness.

John of the Cross describes this in his poem, “The Dark Night.” He grew to love his solitary confinement in prison. He could’ve been resentful that church leaders were persecuting him. He could’ve despaired that God wasn’t blessing him. Instead, the longing of his heart for God’s face burned in his heart. He experienced the Jesus burn in the middle of his suffering. Countless people have experienced the Jesus burn when they pray his poem.

But for some Christ-followers their dryness goes on for many years, perhaps until they die. For them there is no dawn in their Dark Night until they step into the glory of heaven where Jesus Christ shines like the sun. This was the case with Mother Teresa. Her loving care in Jesus’ name for the poorest of the poor who were suffering in the streets of Calcutta, India and continuing in this through years of spiritual dryness was a most honored identification with Christ and his cross.

The Pseudo Jesus Burn

The Dark Night, if we understand it and learn to trust the Holy Spirit’s hidden work in the depths of our soul, purges us from making an idol out of the Jesus burn. It’s a much needed cleansing for us in our consumerist Christian culture.

Sadly, many Christians today worship the Jesus burn or similar blessed experiences of God. Instead of worshiping the Lord they worship their experience of him — they crave the pleasure or peace they get from singing praise songs with others. Our churches perpetuate this when they crank up the music extra loud (even to the point of damaging people’s ears!) to give people a buzz of excitement or “that loving feeling.”

This is not the Jesus burn. It’s emotionalism.

Although maybe initially the blessed experience in worship was God’s gift. New Christians, especially if they’re young or being delivered from a life of sin and darkness, may have delightful experiences of God in worship and God may use these to draw them out of worldliness and into discipleship to Jesus. Not just when we’re young, but later in life too, God often blesses people to encourage their spiritual renewal, rededication, or consecration. But whenever a spiritual experience is a genuine gift from God it will come as a surprise, unexpectedly falling upon us from heaven.

Of course, because the blessing of these “spiritual highs” is so sweet it’s tempting for us to seek them out and depend upon them. If we do then we slide into a pseudo Jesus burn. It’s a toxic faith. It’s a form of idolatry because we’re not focused on God, but on ourselves and our own experience.

Devouring insights through Christian self-help books or conferences in search of a “quick fix” and using meditation or spiritual retreats to forget about your problems are other examples of toxic faith. Like worshiping worship, these are spiritual gluttony. A spiritual discipline is being misused as a way of denying sin and pain. God is being used like a drug.

The Value of the Jesus Burn

Why is the Jesus burn important? Not because it feels good! The real issue is devoting our will to God and his kingdom purposes. The Jesus burn is a manifestation of our will being ignited to love and serve the Lord with all our heart.

In the language of the Bible the will is essentially the same thing as our heart or spirit; it’s the center of our personality and the most precious part of us that God longs for us to give to him. But we can’t access our will directly except as we go through our thoughts and emotions. Also our bodies and social relationships come into play.

If you experience a true Jesus burn then after the fact (that’s how it was for the disciples on the Emmaus Road) you will observe it’s effects on every other part of your personality and in your life. Your mind and emotions will be set on Jesus. Your body will be in a position of humbly worshiping the Lord. You will be relationally focused on caring for other people in Jesus’ name.

That is the real test of a Jesus burn in your heart. Does it inspire you to sincerely love Christ and to connect other people with his love? Does it help you devote your body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit and to open the doors of this temple to others?

Most of the time when we seek God, read Scripture, and pray we don’t have a Jesus burn. We may even find ourselves in long season of spiritual darkness or dryness. “In the Dark Night Remember God” is one of many Soul Shepherding articles on navigating the Dark Night of the Soul.

At the Cross of Christ You are Unforsaken!

Unforsaken: With Jesus on the Stations of the Cross is my own guide to cultivate a burning heart for Jesus on a prayer walk with Jesus and the ancient stations of his cross. You’ll be encouraged by

  • Beautiful art renderings of each Station
  • Fresh re-tellings of Gospel stories
  • Surprising insights from the Bible
  • Personal reflection questions
  • A hope-filled journey with Jesus

This guide is for your personal devotions or to share with friends in a small group or on a retreat. It’s great for Lent or anytime of year. Appendix One features an outline for eight messages or studies.

Readers say:

“I was overwhelmed with the love of Christ!”

“Tears flowed! Seeing Jesus’ sacrifice I received a deep healing for the abuse I went through.”

71 responses to “The Jesus Burn: a Blessed Experience of God’s Presence

  • I have not been baptized by the Holy Spirit but I always feel tingling on the top of my head/neck as if a chill, when I am worshipping, praying, and sometimes speaking to others about God. I am young in the faith and want to make sure that this is not a counterfeit feeling. I can not find anything on this and I do not want to be led astray.

    • Aliyah, this sounds like the Holy Spirit is sending you a sensation of “consolation” or blessing to encourage you spiritually. God loves you and delights to develop a closer relationship with you! This especially fits with you being newer to faith in Christ. Sometimes we do not feel God’s presence and blessing. This is called “desolation” and these spiritual trials can be difficult tests of our faith. As we grow in discipleship to Jesus Christ our opportunity is trust that God is with us, loving us and guiding us even if we don’t feel this emotionally. With that we can learn to honor and praise God as being beautiful, good, kind, and just all the time.
      Blessings to you, Bill.

      P.S. Consolation and desolation in our journey with Jesus are topics that Kristi and I write about in our new book that comes out in early 2021 on the Stages of Grace.

  • Thanks for sharing this brethren… This is very timely.
    Sometimes I feel a warm and cool feeling on my legs when I pray like anointing… What does that means please!

  • Hi,

    I have the Jesus burn, electrical sensations all the time in my right hand. I am gifted by the Holy Spirit in creativity, art, cooking and I believe healing. I have the ability to have visions or pictures in my minds eye of Jesus. when I draw. The Jesus burn , my prophetic dreams and my visions have given me sureness or realness of Christ. My faith wasn’t great but Jesus gave me these faith enhancers so that I would see and believe and be a great witness to others. God bless Gh kleiner, artist.

  • Hi, as I read the first two paragraphs I notice you mentioned that Enoch walked with God for 365 yrs and the God took him and then you cited Genesis 5:24. I was confused bc Genesis 5:24 doesn’t speak about Enoch

  • Good evening/morning, my walk with Jesus has been a on and off again relationship but this time around I’ve gotten to know Jesus/God by studying, worshiping, praying, and believing. I’ve been crying out to Him in a way that I know it’s only Him that hears my cries. Tonight after bible study my Pastor prayed for me and as he was praying, my eyes closed I felt a heat and saw a glow from his hands mind you my eyes were still closed. Then I felt a surge of completeness. Like everything I’ve been crying out to Jesus about was right there and He said so through my heart. THANK YOU JESUS

  • I am so glad I found this web site as I have been walking with the Lord for 5 months. I know that a change has taken place because of a few changes in my life that would not of been changed except from divine intervention. One of these changes is my profanity has almost completely left my vocabulary. This can not be changed by simple emotion. Also my sinful nature, drugs, pornography, and now tobbaco. I was rescued from a life full of anger, resentment, selfishness, and most of all FEAR. These are all things that reside in my mind while I’m in my addiction. Today, my love, compassion, sobriety, bravery, and need to be of service all come from my heart. There is an old saying that, The trip from a mans head to his heart is the longest trip most of us will ever make. This is so true. My constant thought of putting others needs first, because God always takes care of mine, is something that can’t be explained by emotion or thought. I’ve been given the heart of Jesus, and it will only allow me to put others first.

  • hi… got a VERY important question, been in the bible more the last 6 months or so kind of hard { reading } and studying more and more and asking for forgiveness of my sins and im crying a lot, but since been really hard in studying more, and praying more than ever, i have had to go to the hospital to the ER once now and all most twice do to feeling like a heart attack, the first time i went i was check out in the ER and did not show signs of a heart attack. I’ve been praying for forgiveness of my sins and really wanting GOD/ JESUS more in my life. been feeling like im having heart palpations and difficult breathing and a lot of crying and PANIC attacks. and i feel like maybe GOD/JESUS has given up on me,,,,,,, but been with GOD/JESUS all my life, and have been baptised and saved, i pray all the time and KNOW that GOD/JESUS loves us all, but still feel all these sensations,,,,,, any feed back would be greatfull.,,,,,, tim

    • Hi Tim, thank you for sharing that with us. I feel sad that you’re experiencing this. I’ve linked some other articles that I think could be helpful to you. Jesus, be near to Tim. Lead him to someone who could walk with him and extend your loving and tender care to him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • My sister passed away recently, which brought back traumas and mistakes of the past. I was restless, heavy hearted, with anxiety and I felt like running to a church. I remember running to a cathedral and dropping on my knees at the cross. From that point on I began going to church and started to read the bible, I also started saying gratitude prayers every morning and prayers at bedtime. I felt as though God pulled me to church to repent, I am experience a very strong and clear awareness of God, extremely aware.

  • I gave my life out of desire to seek Him and deliver my family which was facing unnatural deaths and sicknesses. Since then each and everyday day my mind can’t let go of reading the Bible and the desire to know God is very high. I sometimes spend even 2 hours just thinking of God and i feel I’m in love with the Almighty. The feeling I have about Jesus is like that feeling one has when in love with a man. Is this a Jesus burn?

  • Yes I rededicated my life back to Jesus Nov.27th 2017 after backsliding for 8 yrs.In the back of a police car God spoke the word “SURRENDER”in my spirit & I promised God when I bonded out I would SURRENDER my life back to Him,well after keeping my promise praise God I experienced deep GROANS in my spirit,it scared my family because no one could understand what was taking place. Well after the Groans I began weeping in the Spirit & then laughing in the Spirit,I seek God’s face everyday & now out of nowhere I’m experiencing fire from the Holy Ghost,I pray in tongues a lot & in my prayer deep shouts from my belly comes forth & fire be all over me,I’ve been having dreams & then see them come to past before my eyes! What do you think God is doing to a man who once was a Chief sinner?

  • Hello everyone. Thank you for sharing your stories… My name is Nicola and I want to share my story with you.

    I have had a life of trauma. I have always loved God since a very small child. I have seen shadows since a very small child. No matter how badly I was treated I still loved that person… However it didn’t take long for the abuse to almost destroy me.

    Here’s the heat right now. A warm glow from my heart… It feels like comfort. It feels like love. But I feel a little sad too because so many of you have experienced trauma in your lives…

    • Thanks for sharing Nicola and all of you. Often God minister’s comfort as we share our stories with one another. Even as we feel sadness and empathy for others we may at the same time feel the warmth of God’s presence. That’s because God is love and is made known especially in relationship.

  • This happens to me when I question my existence and if I’m meant to be alone forever, but then I remember maybe this is his plan or me and I should just continue what I love and not worry about what lies ahead. Then whenever I feel I want my love to reach the ones I love the heat from my chest over my heart spreads out from me. I love helping people and I have type 1 diabetes and I want to be a nurse to show others no matter the struggles we face God is with us and we just have to be strong and keep living because everything we face is all a part of a bigger picture. you can live with a disease but will you let it control your life, I want God to make me strong and with his love and mine I want to show others the strength they need is within them as well. Thank you for explaining to me and others we are not alone in his experience, because somehow I always knew Jesus and our Father were giving me love and hope in a warm embrace. Thank you.

  • I am having the same experience, whenever I pray, my heart burns and at times it gets intense. sometimes it happens when I read the bible also, when certain verse jumps up, suddenly a swirling intense heat moves inside my whole chest area. not only in church or while pray in my bed room.. even while i am talking & discussing about Jesus with my friends or relatives…suddenly poof…a warm fills my chest and radiates for a while. but this not always happens..but it happens at certain times. I have no control over it. I really use to wonder what is i have got an answer for that.

  • I was fishing about 2 months ago woman come up behind me and asked how I was doing I said well I’m thinking about Jesus said he would make us pictures of men turned around to look at her and tears running down her face I said ma’am may I pray for you she said yes so I got up out of my chair and I turned around Helping Hands out to take hold of her hands in my arm right arm as I touch this this woman and prayed with her never felt such a fire in any part of my body but she went around singing and praising Jesus and I believe God that it might be working her life never felt that fire before in my life but I praise God for it for whatever it was a man was wondering if this was as fire as Jesus that you’re speaking of thank you very much

  • Hello my name is Denice, my burning is on my face all around it also it’s a hot breath like fire blowing in my ear. I use my happen when I’m ministering

  • I have been having the same experience everyday now for 2months now since i have been seeking GOD’S Kingdom and all his righteousness.
    The sensations i feel are :
    :Heat all over my body
    :Tingling sensations on both my hands
    :A heaviness pressure on both hands
    :Than theres the tingling on the top of my head and behind my neck
    : And the heavy feeling on my chest
    :Lastly the burning feeling under my feet.

    This is what i experience everyday from July till now ever since i repented from backsliding.

  • Hi my names Tedra I was wondering if anyone might have some insite on the experience I had today. So what happened was I arrived at work was standing in a group for my assembly line and all of a sudden on the back of my body from the backs of my legs thighs buttocks back to my neck felt as though I was burning but it was only on the back side of me my front had no heat to it I felt as though I was on fire but it only lasted for maybe 15-20 minutes and it finally calmed down and faded away. Please help to enlighten me as to what I was experiencing please!

  • Hi I’m not sure if this is the jesus burn but I feel my hands burn most of the time like I have fire in my hands and there’s a special restaurant I usually go and EVERYTIME I enter there I get that fire burning feeling in my hands can anyone explain why evryone I go to that place ?

  • Comment.. On Sunday 17th of June 2018, I went to minister at a prayer meeting,praying for couple of sick people and other spiritual stuffs,when I returned home I started feeling heat on my chest,I thought I was been attacked,and I started rebuking the heat from my chest.At dawn when I got to pray I felt the heat again,this time waist and my stomach very hot any time I am in a very nice experience it makes me feel like doing more greater works for God.I wish the Jesus burns never stops in my life in Jesus name.

  • Hi I have been having a feeling of warmth and heartburn which engulfs my inner chest normally during worship times or prayer or even more after a vigil church service. During these times I cry and worship God or if outside church listen to Christian music and pray more but it only becomes intense .It lasts for sometime and stops .At these times I feel God wants me closer to Him and normally all I do or think of pertains to Him. I don’t do that only at those times but I intensify it during those times. In addition to that I tend to have thoughts or live my inner self telling me something before it happens. Sometimes through dreams. What do you think of this whole experience? Thanks for your article very helpful.

    • Christiana, thanks for sharing. It seems your spiritual experiences are having a good effect on you in that you’re not becoming caught up in your emotional experience (self-focused) but you’re being prompted to delight in and worship God.

  • I have had similar experiences throughout my Christian journey. Some of these have been in very sad times. In the midst of my distress, I just felt a sense of peace, and of comfort coming over me. Then, I felt a warm sensation through my body. I also felt like I was being held.

    Then there have been the happy times, like being with a group of Christian friends, praying for each other. I have felt God’s presence.

    I have felt warm sensations in my body after someone has prayed for me, and placed their hand on my shoulder. I felt energy leave their hand, and enter my body.

    I have other experiences in rooms full of people, at Christian events. At the time, I was unsure whether these were from the Holy Spirit. They have been a little overwhelming. I wondered if I was just getting caught up in the emotions of those around me, like what would be felt at a sports event, or at a concert by my favorite singer? Yet, I have felt similar things when I have been on my own.

    • Hi Scott. It seems your experiences are genuine touches of grace from God. I encourage you to receive them with a grateful heart and use them to prompt you to smile to God, pray, and hold onto your sense of the Lord’s loving presence. That’s the test of the value of any spiritual experience: Does it help us to love God and our neighbors.

  • My experience happened 10 years ago. I was at work feeling very upset about a poor decision I’d made. All of a sudden a feeling of amazing warmth and peace consumed my body. The warming feeling was incredible. I was in a room that was blowing 40 degree air, but I was not phased by it after my experience. The feeling of peace let me know I’d been forgiven and allowed me to forgive myself.

  • I felt the peace of God when I got saved, it was an indescribable peace, and that’s when I was born again, since then I have been feeling that peace every now and then. After a year of being born again, I started to feel that peace more constant. After a year and two months, I felt God wanted me to go on a fast, when I went on a fast I felt a constant peace and I think His grace throughout my whole being, and no fear. God is good. Praise Him! The God of peace and love 🙂

  • My friend had a dream to read the book of Obadiah but she did not understand it. I read her the NLT version over the phone and as I was reading it to her I felt a warm drilling like pressure in my ear and it was over after I finished reading it. I was at church and the pastor asked everyone to join hands for a prayer and I felt the Holy Spirit run through my body and while I was holding a the hand of a lady she felt it and screamed out it was like electricity. I went to a womans conference and she said the Lord will come to everyone tonight so put a pen and a paper near your bed when you get back to your hotel room and wait for his message. In the middle of my sleep I heard a voice that said “Be more welcoming to me” and I wrote it down. I was driving in the car with a friend and heard the Lord say “Draw near to me.” I was praying about my situation, going through a verbally abusive marriage and the Lord spoke to me in my right ear and said “Leave.”

  • I don’t have a clue if this is the “Jesus burn” but when I step into a Catholic Church (I was raised as a Cristian since birth) I feel something strong in my chest. I get really anxious, and shaky. I start feeling super emotional to the point where I begin to cry. The feeling is so overwhelming that I feel out of breath, and I have to run out immediately. Keeping in mind i have only stepped into 2 Catholic Churches. I was hoping I could get some insight on this subject, especially because it really gets to me.. Thank you for your time, and I really I hope you could get back to me soon.

    • Julisa, this sounds like fear. Perhaps an emotional trauma trigger. It’d be helpful for you to process this with a psychotherapist or healing prayer minister to see if there’s a connection to a harmful past event and for you to receive care and freedom. We’re trusting God to help and guide you.

  • Dear heavenly father i need your presence and guidance in my life and i know this is your work father stay close with me now and forever in Jesus name i pray Amem

  • Hello, I need someone to please confirm if what I experienced is the “Jesus burn”…….. A few days ago after Sunday service had ended, I went to the pastor for prayers, as he began to hold my hand and pray, my face/head felt extremely HOT. I’ve never experienced this before. Would this be considered the “Jesus burn”??? Is this God’s annointing or holy spirit being placed on me??

    • Sensing warmth on your body in prayer is God’s blessing. If you don’t experience it that way then it’d be helpful to seek counsel and ministry from a pastor. May you sense Jesus holding you in the Father’s loving care.

    • Sounds like it to me. The Jesus burn is a subjective experience of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in you and remains in you as you put your trust in Jesus Christ. You seem to have experienced a special touch or blessing from God, a sign of his loving presence in response to your prayer. Probably he’s encouraging you to continue yielding your heart to him.

  • As a child, I was raised Jehovah’s Witness. That’s where the seed was planted but the religion lifestyle faded as I grew into my teen years. One day (25 yrs. old) I met a man who had had me say the prayer to except Christ into my heart. It planted a seed and feeling I’d never felt before. From then on, I looked for Christ. One day I watched the movie “Son of God” and the part where Mary goes into the tomb and sees Christ’s body missing was the moment. I felt overwhelmed and like a jolt of electricity went through my body. I fell to my knees and my hands were out facing up. I started crying hard. Suddenly I felt in my mind body and soul that Christ was more realistic than life itself, I had never been surer of anything else in my life. He spoke into my heart and told me he loved me so much and everything would be okay and to tell everyone about him. All my pain and trauma I’d ever felt was gone. I only felt pure love, comfort, confidence, and my feet planted firmly. Best day of my life. Thank you Christ Jesus I love you so much

    • Lord, thank you for Jonathan and his powerful testimony of conversion. May you bless his journey and continue to strengthen him with your love and comfort in Jesus name. Amen!

  • good day, I’m new to Christianity. lately I’ve started experiencing pain in my shoulders and body whenever I pray. I feel exhausted when I get this feeling, I googled and it came up with Jesus burn. pls can someone elaborate. I feel like a child wanting to learn more abt Jesus.

    • Your feeling of crying is likely a response to your experience of Christ and His healing love touching a very deep and unconscious place of need. God’s touch in our soul can trigger emotions we didn’t expect. If you are concerned, it’d be helpful to meet with a Christian Counselor who can help you become more aware of your emotions and bring then to Jesus for his healing.

  • I experienced this sensation only one time. Dropping someone i love at the airport and having to say goodbye. It was painful and as I walked out i felt incredibly sad; it was also gloomy, slightly raining. I looked up to the sky and whispered to God, asking him to comfort me. Suddenly my heart which felt loneliness was suddenly replaced with a warmth, similar to if someone had wrapped a warm, fuzzy blanket. The feeling was incredible. And I no longer felt the sadness, it’s like i couldnt remember what i was sad over?! i went on about my day without even being unhappy.

  • I do experience a wing like feeling on my back. Since I walked away from the church I can only feel one. It’s a strong feeling as if it’s pulling me back to Christ. I began researching to see if anyone was experiencing what I was going through and I came across this article. I feel far from God but near at the same time. I recently didn’t want to hear about church and in some ways if I’m truly honest with myself I didn’t want to hear about God. I use to preach, hold prayer conference, moderate plus manage a church but I was burnt out , monitored, manipulated and control however I can still feel the Holy Spirit. Amazing

  • Hi I went to churh tuesday night confused of the qeustions unaswered,we started to worship and praise God then I just felt like crying deeply but I was happy I wanted to share my feelings with people but it felt like they didn’t understand my joy they prayed for me but I felt they were laughing at me.please explain what is happening I’m confused but still feel that joy that wants to jump and go mad

    • Heavenly Father, I pray you will guide Madelaine as you guide her in this time as she seeks you. I’m grateful that she feels the joy of your presence and I ask that you also continue to speak the truth of who she is in You. I pray you will clear her mind of confusion and that Your peace will rest on her mind, body, and spirit. I ask all these things in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name. Amen.

  • Ok should I feel worried, I don’t feel it burning…never thought about a burning.
    The first time I felt an experience I told myself I didn’t want to wait until something happened to call out to God. So I thought of one thing to do for each of my children. Read my Bible and prayed. And I remember a Joy and peace and feeling lifted off my feet even I was in my body.
    I wasn’t looking but it happened. And that was sweet. Later I would feel little glimses…and then believe for years the effects of sin caught up with me and felt far away even I would have blinded. And a year ago I felt so dead and ask God for his presence ..I started to Love and later, out of the blue I new I was forgiven because I had peace. And now if someone ask me to pray..I don’t know when but I can feel something come over me and I believe others must feel it to because we are United. I don’t want to lose this but it also helps me to want to Love more I would think Because of it. Is that wrong? And should I feel a burn? I don’t recall a burn..just overcomes with a shadowy tingly feeling…

    • Dear Cor, thank you for your question and sharing your thoughts. I can tell how much you love the Lord and seek Him and I am so grateful for the peace the Lord has given you knowing the forgiveness you have in Him. Be assured of the joy He has for you as His child. Continue to seek Him and He will guide you in the path He has for you.

  • Im and athiests will i ever experience this feeling if i dont believe in God??? Do non belivers experience this thing?

    • Dear Daniel, Thank you for asking your question and I do think that the Lord’s presence comes to those even if they don’t believe in Him. I know He believe in us, even if we don’t believe in Him. We are His children. He loves us so much and wants to have relationship with us. Jeremiah 23:24 says, “Can anyone hide from me in a secret place? Am I not everywhere in all the heavens and earth?” says the Lord… I love how the Lord searches for all of us and knows all our hearts. Luke 19:10 says, “For the Son of Man[a] came to seek and save those who are lost.” The Son of Man is Jesus and Good Friday we celebrate His cruxifiction and Easter Sunday His resurrection! He seeks and searches for all of our hearts. Hebrew 7:25 says, “Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.” So now, even though you don’t believe in God’s existence, Jesus is your advocate before Him interceding for you and wanting you to turn to Him. So yes, I do think God presence can rest on someone who does not believe in Him because I know He believes in them and it is His desire that all people turns their hearts to Him. He is our Father and He searching for all of His children who have been lost to Him. He loves us so. Praying today that the Lord will continue to give you some answers to your questions. Know that you are truly loved by Him.

  • Right now this Jesus Burn is happening to me. its wonderful and it makes me want to just flat out fall on my face and adore him… its like being completely and utterly surrendered in love with Him… like with a lover, only its a soul lover. its so beautiful…but I realize that it happens to me while I am at work. I don’t want it to stop, but I question it because, wouldn’t He want me to get my work done? But I wouldn’t dare be rude to the love of my life… and I know I never want to stop experiencing His love… so I just trust Him and go along with it. 🙂 So happy! 🙂

  • On March 17, 2017 as my husband, son & I were in our car returning home from a rehearsal for a play my son & I were in, the top of my feet became extremely hot like the were on fire and almost unbearable (I have a high tolerance for pain). I told my husband & son what I was experiencing. This has never happened to me before with my feet. I came home & looked at them; & there was no marks or redness just the very hot burning sensation. Also, when I begin my private prayer time and worship to the Lord, I experience a tingling sensation on my forehead and throughout my body. Or when I’m teaching or sharing God’s Word with others, or when I’m in a worship service where the presence of the Lord is felt. I am also praying & seeking God for answersabout my experience. Any insight or explanation of what this mean would be helpful. Thank you for your time.

  • Hey, guys. Yes I am experiencing this right now. I felt it was if God also. He did say I will baptize you in the Holy Ghost and FIRE! Feel free to add me on Facebook Corey Masters in Georgia. God bless! ❤

  • I’m so glad that other people are sharing their recent experiences with the Jesus burn. I first experienced this when someone laid hands on me to pray for healing about 3 years ago. For about a month straight that feeling would travel to different parts of my body unexpectedly. It’s a burning sensation, kind of like putting Vicks Vapo rub on your chest. 🙂 I don’t feel the Jesus burn as often as I used to(still frequent though) but as I’m writing this I actually feel it. Thanks everyone for sharing. It brings confirmation.

  • I thank you for this wanderful article ,for some time now I have been experiencing the Jesus burn and it intensify when I am in prayers or when i am praying for people and I am able to transfer this burn to other people especially when I am carrying on deliverance and i notice that the anointing of God has tremendously increase in my life as I am able to make other people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, please tell me more about the Jesus burn ,i am great full so many people are experiencing it also.thanks for the reply

  • After living a sinful life for 4.5 years leading to destruction and I couldn’t get out of the pattern. I was a slave to sin. One day I felt so crushed and defeated that I felt a strong drive to change things that day. I began praying routinely again and kept my body healthy as a temple to God. A few days later I felt a burning in my heart. I asked questions and instantly I heard answers in my mind that felt like they were being revealed to me. Through God’s power, he has revealed a charity organization close to where I live. I believe he wants me to take care of his people there. Praise God for his awesome power! So glad to hear more members of his family have felt this too!

  • Beautifully written… I remember those encounters, as they are unlike anything else I’ve experienced. But soon I began to chase them, and pray after them. I wanted more of that supernatural feeling, than I did of actual time with Christ. Isn’t it amazing, how even our spiritual encounters can be turned into self seeking for the flesh! At the time of this experience, I was in prayer with our Father, and my encounter with Him was such an unexpected gift. That’s how we should see them, as gifts, at our Fathers discretion. A complete surprise, and loving gift:) Thank You Lord, for all You do for Your children…

  • I feel the burnuing heat all the time for maybe 6 yeats now people say I fill a room with it??? It puts me to sleep alot in adoration. It really is so intense

  • Sensing warmth on your body in prayer is God’s blessing. If you don’t experience it that way then it’d be helpful to seek counsel and ministry from a pastor. May you sense Jesus holding you in the Father’s loving care.

  • This happened to me on 27 Nov 2016. I was seeing some program on youtube her in India at home. And i suddenly thought of Jesus. I remembered seeing his picture on a wall painted in Tamil Nadu Valenkali. I remembered when i had visited there that I had loved the pictures on the wall so much. Suddenly I felt warmth and some kind of heat formation in my heart and tears started to roll down my eyes. What does this indicate, I am a Hindu. But I belive in Jesus as I studied in a convent School.

    • Dear Netra, Thank you for sharing your story! Dear Lord I ask that you will reveal to Netra what you are wanting to show her. I do ask Lord Jesus that you will show her the deep love you have for her and that it is your desire that all people will know that love you have for them and follow you. Lord you say in your word – John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” and Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” In Jesus name, Amen. Lifting you up in prayer, Michael Ann

    • Hi Florence, Thank you for such a great question! Bill asked to forward to you his answer below. God bless you today! Michael Ann

      I teach a distinction between emotionally feeling God’s presence and experiencing it. For instance, in my article on “A-B-I-D-E in Christ.” I think the Jesus burn article goes into that also.

      Sometimes the Jesus burn is a physical warming of your heart, chest, shoulders, or other part of your body. Other times it’s an attitude and feeling of longing for closeness with the Lord or to hear his voice. It’s not emotionalism because it’s not limited to emotions — it’s connected with thinking, Scripture, observing God at work in your life, circumstances in which God opens doors or orchestrates things. Most of all, the Jesus burn comes out of a heart choice to worship God. In the Bible the heart is not emotions, it’s the will.

      Emotionalism or being dependent on emotions for good choices is immature on unhelpful. Being devoid of emotions is a sign of a need for personal help. It’s important that sometimes we’re able to feel God’s presence.

  • I just experienced this at Voice of the Apostles fact my back is still on fire. It happened after I prayed for a woman with back problems who testified that her healing was complete after I prayed for her. Interestingly, it also coincided with me praying passionately in a desire to surrender myself fully to the Lord and His purposes!

  • Thanks. Helped me understand that what I do experience is of God and that I am not alone. Also I am convicted not to worship experiences as I have so often in the past. Lord forgive me. Thank you.

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