Category: Self-Assessments

Depression Test

Here’s a short depression test to help you see if you (or a loved one) might be depressed. This is a simple screening tool to identify key…
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Perfectionism Test

Many people have perfectionistic tendencies but for some perfectionism causes big problems. People who are earnestly seeking to follow Christ and serve him in ministry…
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Anxiety Test

Are you overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, or panic? Our free Anxiety Test can help you understand if you’re internalizing your stress and need help. The…
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Addiction Test

Are you (or someone you know) struggling with a compulsion or addiction? Take this free Addiction Test to identify if you have the symptoms of…
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God Image Questionnaire

Excerpted from Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke (Chapter 5) by Bill Gaultiere. I developed the God Image Questionnaire (GIQ) based on my Ph.D. dissertation in 1989. Since…
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