Depression Test

Here’s a short depression test to help you see if you (or a loved one) might be depressed. This is a simple screening tool to identify key symptoms of depression. I’ve grouped nine key symptoms under the acronym “D-E-P-R-E-S-S-E-D.”

The Depression Test

Answer each of the nine questions (symptoms), keeping track of your “yes” answers by circling the number if you answer yes for any of the related questions that go with that symptom of depression.

1.  D ifficulty sleeping, eating, or sexually?  Are you sleeping too much or not enough?  Are you overeating or have you lost your appetite?  Has your sex drive diminished significantly or gone into overdrive?

2.  E nergy-less?  Do you feel tired most of the time?  Are you having trouble feeling motivated to do the things you need to do?

3.  essimism about your future?  Do you feel negative about what’s ahead for you?  Do you feel hopeless?

4.  R egrets about your past?  Do you feel bad when you think about things you’ve done in the past?  Are you struggling with guilt?

5.  E njoyment gone?  Have you lost a sense of pleasure in your relationships, activities, and hobbies?  Does life feel more like a chore than a joy?

6.  S ad?  Are you experiencing unexpected tearfulness?  Do you feel unhappy much of the time?

7.  S elf-critical?  Are you quick to criticize your mistakes?  Are you often harsh with yourself?

8.  E mpty?  Do you feel a sense of emptiness?  Does your life feel mundane or lacking in meaning?

9.  D ecisions difficult?  Are you having trouble deciding what you need to do in situations?  Are you having problems concentrating?

Scoring: Three or more yes answers on your Depression Test suggest that you may have a problem with depression and need medical or psychological treatment. For diagnoses and treatment you need to consult in person with a doctor or psychotherapist.


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