Anxiety Test

anxiety test

Are you overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, or panic? Our free Anxiety Test can help you understand if you’re internalizing your stress and need help.

The questions for our Anxiety Test are organized in the acronym “A-N-X-I-E-T-Y.” This is a simple screening tool to identify key symptoms of anxiety disorders. Keep track of your “yes” answers, circling any of the seven symptoms that have one or more yes answers.

1.  gitated?  Are you easily frustrated or irritated or upset?  Do you lose your temper often?

2.  N ot sleeping?  Are you having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?  Do you often wake up and not feel rested?

3.  X –fears?  Do you have any fears that you accommodate by avoiding situations?  Are you afraid of social situations, interpersonal conflict, rejection, failure, public speaking, leaving home, airplanes, spiders, knives, etc.?

4.  I n your body?  Have you been experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tightness in your chest, discomfort in your stomach or bowels, twitching, shaking hands, sweaty palms, or tingling?

5.  E scalating worries?  Are you worried about problems you’re facing?  Do your thoughts race out of control?

6.  T raumas relived?  Does your mind keep re-experiencing an upsetting event(s)?  Are you having nightmares?

7.  Y es all the time?  Do you feel pressured to say yes to other people, to your perfectionism, or to make troubling thoughts go away?

Scoring: Two or more yes answers suggest you may have a problem with anxiety.  For diagnoses and treatment consult in person with a doctor or psychotherapist.


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