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Emotional Rollercoaster Test

Here’s a free Emotional Rollercoaster Test to help you identify if you (or a loved one) may have a problem with emotional reactivity.

If you keep finding yourself on an emotional rollercoaster it probably means you need help with firming up your personal boundaries so that you don’t enmesh with other people and get tied up in their emotions. Having better boundaries may make you feel guilty or like you’re an uncaring person. Consider that “Jesus Set Boundaries.”

Emotional Roller Coaster Test

For each question in the Emotional Rollercoaster Test circle the number for each question that you answer yes to.

1.  Are you quick to lose your temper?

2.  When you lose your temper do you yell, say demeaning things, or become physically violent?

3.  Do you make critical or sarcastic comments that are hurtful to others?

4.  Do express 100 volts of emotion (anger, fear, tearfulness, or shame) when 10 are appropriate?

5.  Do others describe you as moody?  Does your mood swing up and down?

6.  Do you have anxiety attacks?

7.  Are you overcome with sudden floods of emotion or tears?

8.  Do you say or do things that you’re embarrassed about later?

9.  Do you make big decisions impulsively, without much thought?

10.  Do other people walk on egg shells around you because they’re afraid to upset you?

Scoring your Emotional Rollercoaster Test: Yes answers to three or more questions suggest that you’re reacting negatively to emotional situations.  Overreacting can cause significant problems in your relationships, decision-making, or work. For diagnoses and treatment consult in person with a psychotherapist.

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