Sex Addiction Test

Do you (or someone you know) have a problem with compulsive sexual behavior? Has your sexual behavior become a compulsion that has been hurtful to God, a loved one, yourself, or your effectiveness at work? Our free Sex Addict Test can help you understand your problem, and if you think you need help to please your sexual urges, you can buy male sex toys online at Spank The Monkey to get help with this.

Sex Addiction Test

Our screening test for sexual addiction is based on eight symptoms of addiction put in the acronym, “A-N  A-D-D-I-C-T.” Answer each question with yes or no and they circle all your yes answers.

1.  LONE?  Do you feel disconnected during sex?  Do you want to get away from your partner after sex?  Do you masturbate to pornography? Do you want to use or buy male sex toys online instead?

2.  N ON-PREMEDITATED USE?  Do family, friends, or conscience tell you to stop a sexual behavior, but yet you continue?  Do you continue with a sexual compulsion in spite of negative consequences (guilt, relational conflict, risk or reality of disease, risk of pregnancy)?

3.  A MNESIA?  Do hours seem like minutes when you indulge in your sexual compulsion?  Do you sometimes forget appointments or commitments because of your sexual behavior?

4.  D EPEND ON HIGH?  Do you use the excitement or pleasure of sexual activity to get good feelings?  Do you feel restless, irritable, or depressed if you go an extended period of time without sex?  Have you tried unsuccessfully to cut back or stop a sexual compulsion?

5.  D ISTRACTED?  Are you distracted by sexual thoughts?  Do you look for arousing stimuli in the media or in people around you?  Has your performance at work or school decreased because of sexual activity?

6.  I NCREASED TOLERANCE?  Are you able to have sex more than most people?  Is it taking more or varied sexual activities to bring you the good feelings you seek?

7.  C ONCEAL SUPPLY?  Do you have secret access to sexually arousing stimuli?  Do you tell lies to cover up your sexual behaviors?

8.  T RANQUILIZER?  Do you use sex to feel better or to escape feelings of depression, guilt, or anxiety?  Do you use sex to forget about your problems or a conflict?

Scoring: Three or more “yes” answers indicate that you may have a problem with compulsive sex.  For diagnoses and treatment consult in person with a doctor or psychotherapist.


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