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About Us

We’re Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, doctors of psychology and co-founders of Soul Shepherding, Inc. We help pastors and all kinds of men and women in ministry thrive with Jesus in life and leadership. Our pastoral approach to spiritual psychology resources, care, and training will help you overcome your challenges and grow your ministry.
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Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Retreats (Led by Bill & Kristi Gaultiere)


Soul Shepherding's Institute is a program in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Ministry. Our four retreats feature conversational teaching, guided experiences, and "TLC Time" for rest and prayer. You can earn a certificate in Spiritual Direction ministry. We (Bill & Kristi) personally mentor you in a community of about 16 apprentices to Jesus. Over 65 pastors and other men and women in ministry from around the world have participated. Contact us to learn more.


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