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“I was spiritually dry. You’ve changed how I think, live, love, and work. Bless you!”

Eileen Callahan, Psychotherapist for Cloud & Townsend Leadership Intensives

What makes us different?

Your ministry as a pastor or leader is urgently needed by the people around you, but if it depletes your soul then you and the people you love will be hurt. We can help. We’re Bill and Kristi Gaultiere. As doctors of psychology and spiritual directors we've developed an Institute with a unique model that cultivates intimacy with Jesus, emotionally healthy relationships, and fruitful ministry.

"Soul Shepherding has influenced everything about the way we do ministry."

Bobby & Hannah Schuller, Pastors


The Soul Shepherding Institute

Spiritual formation
and soul care training

Four immersive retreats
(five days each)

Personal mentorship
and guided prayer

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SoulTalks with Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

Tune in as we cultivate intimacy with Jesus in life, love, and leadership.

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