Addiction Test

Are you (or someone you know) struggling with a compulsion or addiction? Take this free Addiction Test to identify if you have the symptoms of an addiction. The hope of recovery begins with an honest assessment of what’s going on with you. 

Compulsive problems with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, and other behaviors share some symptoms in common.  To assess if a behavior pattern qualifies as an addiction I use the acronym: “A-N   A-D-D-I-C-T.” 

Circle each question below that you answer “yes” to. (You may want to have a close family member or friend answer these questions for you to be sure that you’re being realistic.)

Addiction Test: “A-N   A-D-D-I-C-T.” 

1.  lone?  Do you sometimes use the substance or activity alone?

2.  on-premeditated use?  Do you sometimes do this without planning or intending to?  Do family, friends, or conscience tell you that you’re doing this too often?

3.  mnesia?  Have you ever lost recollection of a period of time during which you used this substance or activity?  Do hours seem like minutes when you do this?  When doing this do you soometmes forget appointments or commitments?

4.epend on the “high?”  Do you anticipate your next opportunity to do this?  Do you feel bad if you go an extended period of time without doing this?  Have you tried unsuccessfully to cut back?

5.  istracted?  Are you distracted with thoughts of doing this?  Has your performance at work or school gone down since doing this?

6. I ncreased tolerance?  Are you able to do more of this than most people?  Do you keep using this substance or activity more and more to get the “high” you want?

7.  onceal supply?  Do you hide this behavior or your access to it?  Do you lie about what you’re doing?

8.ranquilizer?  Do you do this to feel better or to numb pain?  Do you do this to forget about your problems?


Three or more “yes” answers indicate that you may have a problem with addictive or compulsive behavior.  For diagnoses and treatment consult in person with a doctor or psychotherapist.


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