Category: Self-Assessments

Codependency Test

Do you tend to rescue people from their problems or get enmeshed in dysfunctional relationships? Our free Codependency Test can help you to asses if…
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Eating Disorder Test

Do you (or someone you know) have a problem with compulsive behaviors surrounding food?  Has overeating, under-eating, or binge and purge cycles diminished your effectiveness…
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Adrenaline Test

Do you depend on adrenaline to feel alive, important, and productive? To manage daily stress? Many pastors and leaders to. Take this free Adrenaline Test…
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Sex Addiction Test

Do you (or someone you know) have a problem with compulsive sexual behavior? Has your sexual behavior become a compulsion that has been hurtful to God,…
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Are you feeling stuck in your faith walk? The healthy Christian life is one of continuing spiritual, emotional, and relational growth, but sometimes we feel stuck or stagnated at one stage of the journey.

Get unstuck and identify the next steps you need to take to grow emotionally and spiritually—no matter where you are or how long you’ve been following Jesus.