Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Test

Here’s a free Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Test to help you see if you (or a loved one) might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD).

I developed the acronym “D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-E-D” as a simple screening tool to identify key symptoms of ADD, which is not the same as anxiety.

Take the Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Test

Keep track of your “yes” answers, circling any of the ten symptoms that have one or more yes answers.

1.  D isorganized?  Do you have difficulty managing your life?  Is your work, mail, or projects in multiple piles?  Are you chronically late?  Are your finances out of order?

2.  mpulsive? Do you make decisions or act without adequate thought or planning?  Do you repeatedly do things that you later regret?

3.  S peak without thinking?  Do you frequently say things that cause problems or hurt for you or others?  Do you often interrupt others?  Do you have trouble being quiet?

4.  T asks not done?  Do you have difficulty starting or completing important tasks?

5.  R estless?  Are you impatient, on edge, or fidgety?  Is it hard for you to sit still and stay focused on what you’re doing?

6.  ggitated easily?  Are you quickly frustrated when things are working out like you want?  Do you have a short fuse on your anger?

7.  C areless mistakes?  Do you overlook important details in your work or activities?  Are you forgetful of daily activities, commitments you’ve made, or important dates?  Do you frequently lose things?

8.  T uned out?  Do you get lost in a fog?  Do you often daydream?

9.  E motional swings?  Do your emotions tend to go up and down?  Are you prone to get stuck in a bad mood?

10.  D istracted as a child? Was it difficult for you to pay attention in school?

Scoring: Three or more yes answers, including question 10, suggest you might have ADD, in which case you should consult a a psychotherapist or psychiatrist in person for a formal diagnoses and treatment.


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