Spiritual Growth Survey

How do you know if growing spiritually? Most people mistakenly measure behavior or their emotions. This Spiritual Growth Survey asks twelve critical questions to help you look at if you’re being changed on the inside to become more like Christ.

Disciples of Jesus are continually drawing closer to God and becoming more like Jesus. More and more they’re loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and they’re loving their neighbor as themselves — even in difficult situations. Christlikeness is about steady, reliable character.

Of course, being transformed more into the image of Christ is not an even, upward ascent. In the best case, sometimes we go forward and sometimes we slip backwards, but the trend over time is becoming more like Jesus.

Take the Spiritual Growth Survey

Answer each question in this Spiritual Growth Survey by comparing yourself today with about one year ago.

1.  Do you hunger for more of God in your life, longing to know Him more intimately?  (The closer you are to the Lord the closer you want to be.)

2.  Can you name people whom you are increasingly dependent on as “Christ’s Ambassadors” for God’s care and guidance?  (You need one such relationship to survive and two or three to thrive.)

3.  Are you more aware of your sins and shortcomings and saddened by how they hurt God, others, and yourself?  (Experiencing godly sorrow rather than condemnation or emptiness.)

4.  Are you more gracious in response to your struggles and others’ struggles too?  (Receiving God’s forgiveness and favor and sharing it with others.)

5.  Are you more welcoming of people’s feedback on ways you can improve your personal life or ministry?  (Viewing it as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than being defensive, condemning yourself, or judging the person who challenged you.)

6.  Are you more controlled by God instead of yourself or others?  (For instance, obeying God’s Word, trusting Him with money and time, focusing on what He thinks over what others think, and relying on what He provides rather than food, sex, drugs, work, or unhealthy relationships.)

7.  Are you more aware of God’s presence?  (Spontaneously thanking Him for blessings, praising His goodness, listening for His voice, or experiencing Him ministering through you.)

8.  Is the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) more evident in how you treat yourself and others?

9.  Do you have a greater desire to practice spiritual disciplines like prayer, Bible reading, study, community worship, silence, or fasting?  (Rather than doing them out of duty or not doing them at all.)

10.  Are you living with a greater sense of divine mission, passionately using your gifts to serve God?  (In your work, ministry, relationships, or special projects.)

11.  Are you better able to endure hardships and difficulties with a positive attitude, appreciating that you’re part of God’s Kingdom, and trusting in the Lord to help you to learn and grow through them? (Rather than developing a negative attitude, blaming God or others, or seeking only to “fix” the situation.)

12.  Do you have more hope and excitement about going to heaven to be with Jesus so that you can worship and serve Him more fully?  (Rather than dreading death or wanting to hold onto life on earth.)

Count how many yes answers you have out of the twelve questions. Each yes indicates that in that area you are growing spiritually.


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