Adrenaline Test

Do you depend on adrenaline to feel alive, important, and productive? To manage daily stress? Many pastors and leaders to. Take this free Adrenaline Test to find out if you’re taxing your body.

Adrenaline is the body’s drug of choice for many people today. Adrenaline feels good, but it causes problems. Relying too much on adrenaline puts your body at risk of stress-related illness. Your relationships God and the people close to you suffer from living with a sense of urgency and at a fast pace. You miss out on enjoying the simple and beautiful pleasures of life.

Adrenaline Test

Answer yes or no to each of the following questions. (You may want to have a close family member or friend confirm that your answers are realistic.)

1. Are you often in a hurry, rushing from one thing to the next?

2. During a typical day do you work with intensity on something that seems urgent?

3. Do you tend to do two or three things at once to be more efficient?

4. Are you productive, busy, or active almost all the time?

5. Do you regularly rely on caffeine to feel energetic and focused?

6. If you’re not working on something do you rely on stimulation from activity, entertainment, or noise?

7. When you’re resting do you feel fidgety, pace, drum your fingers, tap your feet, or chew fast?

8. If you’re idle do you feel guilty or restless?

9. When you’re waiting are you usually uncomfortably impatient (e.g., looking at your watch, getting upset, or counting items in the short order line)?

10. When you go to bed at night do you typically think about all the things that you didn’t get done and need to get done?

11. When you are not doing anything “productive” do you feel empty or bored?

12. Do you often have physical stress symptoms like gastric distress, rapid heartbeat, headaches, muscle pain, teeth grinding at night, and sleep problems?


Yes answers to four or more items indicate that you may be depending on adrenaline and related hormones like cortisol to manage daily stresses. For diagnoses and treatment consult in person with a doctor or psychotherapist.


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