Self-Esteem Test

Many people I talk with struggle with a negative view of themselves. Some are besieged by feelings of guilt and shame. How about you? Are you self-critical? How much has God’s grace and truth permeated your self-image?

Try our free Self-Esteem Test to see the ways you need to experience God’s love. Answer each question below with “yes” (mostly true for you) or “no” (mostly not true for you). Then circle each “yes” answer:

1.  When I look in the mirror I tend to focus on my faults.

2.  When I do a job I usually think I should have done it better.

3.  I do not feel I have much to offer to other people.

4.  I feel guilty about sins from my past.

5.  I often compare myself to other people and come up short.

6.  When I speak in front of people I am self-critical.

7.  I often worry that other people think badly of me.

8.  When I make mistake I tend to get frustrated with myself.

9.  I do not feel that I have much to be proud of.

10.  I get frustrated about my weaknesses.

11.  When I do not succeed at something I feel inadequate.

12.  When I have a conflict with someone I feel it is my fault.

13.  When someone shows me positive attention I feel unworthy.

14.  I think more about my negative traits than my positive ones.

15.  I often criticize myself.

16.  There are many things that I do not like about myself.

17. When someone is angry with me I feel bad about myself.

18.  I do not like myself when I get emotional.

Scoring your Self-Esteem Test: If you have five or more yes answers (or you have any yes answers that are quite painful for you) then probably you need help learning to appreciate how lovable you are to God and others. For diagnoses of psychological disorders consult with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist in person.

This Self-Esteem Test is from my book, You Can Live in Jesus’ Easy Yoke in the chapter titled “Think God’s Thoughts About You.”

See Yourself as God Sees You

Here are some free Soul Shepherding resources to help you see yourself as God sees you and to grow in his love:


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