Best Soul Care Tips of 2019

It’s a joy and honor for Kristi and me to offer Soul Shepherding to you, your church, and your friends! We’re thankful that in 2019 our content had 5,000,000 views!

You want to thrive with Jesus in your life and work. We can do that together! Our resources and training guide you in how to be spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy.

We have also had the wonderful opportunity to speak in churches on topics like “Calming Your Anxious Mind,” “The Enneagram & Soul Care,” and “The Emotionally Healthy Christian.” You can see our upcoming events here.

Our Soul Shepherding Institute features inspirational teaching, soul rest, authentic community, and personalized coaching. Also, you can earn a certificate in the ministry of spiritual direction. Our two-minute video shows you what it’s like.

For our Soul Care in 2020, we can learn from 2019. Here are the best Soul Shepherding resources of 2019:

Best Soul Care Resources 

Soul Shepherding’s best-selling resource is our book “Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke.” In 2019 we created these new resources for your devotions, small groups, or sharing with a friend:

  1. Healing Prayer: For Physical & Emotional Wholeness
  2. Lectio Divina Guides
  3. Ignatian Meditation Guides
  4. Breath Prayer Guides
  5. Journey: Visual Devotions in Psalm 23
  6. Rhythms: Visual Devotions in Matthew

We’re almost done writing a new book for Revell (Baker Books) on the Stages of Grace that will be a super helpful tool for guiding the spiritual, emotional, and relational growth that you and the people you know long for.

Best Soul Shepherding Blogs of 2019

  1. Finding Your Value in Christ
  2. When Henri Nouwen Couldn’t Feel God’s Love
  3. 7 Benefits of the Enneagram That Most People Miss
  4. A Cup Running Over by Dallas Willard
  5. Surprising Lessons on Leadership From Jesus
  6. The Emotionally Smart Leader
  7. How to Give a Life-Changing Message

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Best Soul Talks Podcasts of 2019:

  1. Imagine: Jesus Looks at You With Love
  2. How the Enneagram Has Helped Us
  3. Re-Form: Repairing Emotions, Relationships, & Habits
  4. Emotionally Healthy Leaders
  5. Hearing God to Lead Well

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