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Some Christians are afraid of seeking to use their imagination for personal or spiritual help because they associate it with Eastern religions, secular psychology, hypnosis, or “New Age” philosophy.

But there is a Biblical meditation. God has created human beings with the ability to imagine and the Bible is full of positive images and pictures that can offer us tremendous help! In fact, the frequent use of the present tense in the original languages of the Bible increases its vividness and transports us via our imagination into experiencing its actual scenes and prayers as if they’re happening now — and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on the Word God is indeed speaking to us now!

These Ignatian Meditations are one technique for entering into a Scriptural scene.

We have created over 60 Ignatian Meditation Guides and put them together in a handy digital booklet called “Ignatian Meditation Guides.”

This PDF booklet features: 

  • Instructions
  • Index of Scriptures with spiritual formation themes
  • Over 60 one-page meditations to be printed and shared

These Ignatian Meditation Guides have been field-tested in Soul Shepherding groups, spiritual direction, and retreats. They’re great for small groups, church staff or elder meetings, retreats, or private devotions. When you’re picking a meditation it’s helpful to look through our index of topics as you pray for God to guide you to the one that will be most helpful for you or your group. 

4 responses to “Ignatian Meditation Guides

  • I’m curious if the guide has a meditation for the resurrection and/or Jesus’ appearance to the disciples and speaking to Thomas.

    • Hi Stacy, this guide contains three meditations on the resurrection: one with Mary Magdalene, Peter and John, and Jesus’ breakfast with his disciples. Blessings!

  • Does the Ignatian meditation guide have a meditation on the last supper?
    Which gospel is it based on?
    Can I download it as soon as I have purchased it?

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