by Bill Gaultiere

When you see yourself with Jesus in Gospel stories you can feel God’s love in fresh ways and receive new insights for your life. These field-tested guides use Ignatius’ classic approach to journeying through the life of Christ in The Spiritual Exercises. They’re great for personal devotions, spiritual mentoring, retreats, and small groups. To pick a meditation just look through the index of Scriptures with soul care titles as you pray for God to guide you to the one that will be most helpful for you or your friends.


Special features:

  • Simple steps to imagine and feel yourself with Jesus
  • Gospel texts with brief introductions
  • Prompts for prayer, journaling, or soul talk
  • 60+ one-page meditations to print and share
  • You can view the Table of Contents here


12 responses to “Ignatian Meditation Guides

  • You mentioned having a meditation on the Woman at the Well.
    Would you (for a retreat) also have one on
    Bartimaeus (Mark 10), and The woman who anointed Jesus’ feet at Simon the Pharisee house (Luke 7)? Is there a table of contents for each resource available?

    • Hi Tom,
      Thank you for your question. Both of those passages you asked about are included in the Ignatian Meditation Guide. And we now include the table of contents for the guides on the site. You can find them linked under the Special Features list. Thank you for the recommendation! Blessings!

    • Hi Claire, The Ignatian Meditation Guides includes many great meditations, but the Samaritan women at the well is not included in this particular guide. Fortunately it is included in one of our other resources! Please check out the Lectio Divina Guides. This resource has a great meditation on the Samaritan women at the well.

    • Hi Newell, Soul Shepherding offers many resources! I might suggest checking out Bill’s book, Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke. You can purchase it here. You can also check out Soul Shepherding’s Institute. You can learn more about this program here.

  • I’m curious if the guide has a meditation for the resurrection and/or Jesus’ appearance to the disciples and speaking to Thomas.

    • Hi Stacy, this guide contains three meditations on the resurrection: one with Mary Magdalene, Peter and John, and Jesus’ breakfast with his disciples. Blessings!

  • Does the Ignatian meditation guide have a meditation on the last supper?
    Which gospel is it based on?
    Can I download it as soon as I have purchased it?

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