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Certificate in Spiritual Direction Program Faculty

Bill Gaultiere, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Founder, Instructor

Kristi Gaultiere, Psy.D.
Psychotherapist, Founder, Instructor

Dave Rimoldi, M.Div.
Program Lead, Supervisor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Instructor
Jeff McCrory, Ph.D.
Pastor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Instructor, Supervisor

Susan Snyder, M.D.
Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Healing Prayer Minister
Sheridan McDaniel
Pastor, Sr. Coach, Instructor

Michelle Ruetschle
Pastor’s wife, Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Author
Wes Johnson, D.Min.
Pastor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor, Author

Ed Salas, MA
Pastor, Supervisor, Author

Amy Dalke
Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor

Nan Popineau
Sr. Spiritual Director, Supervisor

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