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In a new series titled Family, Bill & Kristi address 5 threats to harmony in your family, beginning with unresolved grief. Do you find yourself pretending, avoiding being honest with your family about how you are doing and how the difficult things in life are affecting you? After all, you are a ministry leader! You need to appear strong, un-phased by the ups and downs of life! It is our hope you are encouraged by this powerful conversation.

3 responses to “123 – Family: Grief Leads to Joy!

  • I loved this podcast. Thank you for your ministry and showing us that when we allow our feelings of grief, we allow joy to come.

  • Dear Bill and Kristi
    Thank you for all you do and wonderful story. Continual prayers are with you, both, family and your ministry. Thanks much for blessed message and encouragement.
    Peace be with you both and all marriages.

  • Dear Bill and Kristi. This was so wonderful. You are performing a valuable ministry. Praying for your fruit and for protection for you and all marriages.

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