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Jesus’ “Easy Yoke” is Unhurried — Especially at Christmas!

As Christmas approaches it seems we have to go faster and faster! How can we be unhurried?

The traffic keeps getting worse. The lines in the stores keep getting longer. We don’t want to miss out on special events, parties, and gathering with family and friends. We have presents to wrap and food to prepare. So we get stressed and rush around.

If we’re not care-full we miss the Spirit of Jesus coming to us. Advent flies by. We collapse into Christmas and suddenly it’s gone!

In Soul Shepherding’s Advent podcasts and devotionals we’ve been receiving the peace of Christ that calms our stress and anxiety. It’s Jesus’ “easy yoke” invitation: “Walk with me and work with me.” It’s “the Father and Son intimacies and knowledge.” It’s living, loving, and leading in “rhythms of grace”. (Matthew 11:25-30, MSG)

It’s the message of Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke.

Jesus smiles, “Be unhurried with me.” It’s rarely preached today, but it’s a common theme in the Gospels:

  • Slow down and listen… Whoever has ears to hear, listen…
  • Calm down your thoughts… Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?…
  • Walk with me in the light (don’t run in the dark) so you don’t stumble…
  • Peace! Be still…
  • Come away with me to a quiet place and rest…
  • Stop your busy work to sit at my feet and listen to my words…
  • Watch and pray… Be constantly alert… Keep praying…
  • Wait for my Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit…
  • Take time to love your neighbor…

(Some of the Bible verses above are paraphrased. The references are in Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke on page 117.)

The Lord Jesus lived by his own teaching: he was never in a hurry — except to go the cross and die for us! When the Father said it was time he turned and headed straight for Jerusalem, leading his disciples with great resolve (Mark 10:32 and Luke 19:28).

If we stay yoked to Christ then our only hurry will be to listen to God and obey him — especially at Christmastime!

We all want to be unhurried and enjoy “holy-days” in God’s presence, but how?

We need to develop habits of the heart that help us to pray and be at rest with Christ.

My favorite way to do this is with a Breath Prayer From the Bible. My book on Jesus’ easy yoke gives you ten different little prayers from Scripture with breathing rhythms to help you slow down and relax.

Let’s try this now.

Picture Jesus on the boat with his disciples as he calms the storm: “Peace… Be still.”

Breathe in and smile as you pray, “Peace…”

Breathe out and relax as you pray, “Be still…”

“Abide” in God’s blessing by repeating Jesus’ words, “Peace… Be still…” (John 15:7).

Pray “Peace… Be still…” over something you’re stressed about.

Pray “Peace… Be still…” for a loved one.

(This devotional is adapted from “Hurry Up to Be Still”, which is Chapter 6 in my book, Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke: Rhythms of Grace to De-Stress and Live Empowered.)



Unhurried With Jesus – Even at Christmastime!
Take a moment to slow down and rest in Abba’s presence, as Bill leads us through a meditation to remember Jesus’s “easy yoke”.
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I have experienced healing through your writing. Thank you for your wonderful, soulful devotionals. ~ Pastor Joani Jenkins, South Africa

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