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Transformative Coaching for Christian Leaders and Executives

“Relationally healthy leaders draw on Christ’s empathy, wisdom, and power to bring the activities of many people into coordination for a good purpose.” —Bill Gaultiere

Being a leader is a high calling in Christ! Whether you lead in a church, corporate, government, business, community, or nonprofit setting, you have been gifted to enable others to serve God and the world for his glory. 

And this gift can often feel like a great weight to carry.

We know that leadership can be a lonely and disorienting experience that often leads to overwhelm and burnout. 

But it is possible for you to work and live in Jesus’ easy yoke.

Soul Shepherding Sr. Coaches will help you explore and access this abundant life in Christ!

Here’s how:

Christian Leadership Coaching That Can Change the World

Traditional executive leadership coaching focuses on a worldly model of self-promotion. This is not what Jesus models, and it is not the fulfilling, abundant life you are called to.

Jesus models how to be a loving and inclusive leader who follows God’s mission and demonstrates good boundaries while relying on God. Jesus was an innovator, displaying emotional intelligence and empathy—empowering his staff.

With the right guidance and the help of a skilled coach who is focused on your unique gifts and challenges, you can grow and develop your skills as a leader and overcome stagnancy in your journey both in leadership and as a child of God. 

Soul Shepherding’s Leadership Coaching

With Soul Shepherding’s Leadership Coaching, you will receive a supportive and structured environment to apply a Christian perspective and understanding of effective servant leadership. 

Every Christian leader needs a coach for advice and support. But many leadership coaching programs lack a Christ-rooted foundation

Soul Shepherding’s distinctive approach to coaching integrates the wisdom and tools of Christ-centered psychology and spirituality into your development as a leader. 

We help you establish a rhythm of life to fit your schedule, gifts, challenges, and lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits all plan that works for every leader. This is why individualized Christian coaching is the route to lasting change.

You will learn to follow Jesus’ life-giving pattern in which personal growth leads to ministry effectiveness and character gives you power and influence for good. 

We also guide you to cultivate a relationally healthy leadership team, unite your team around God’s vision, and grow in relationship with Jesus and others.

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Solid Leadership Multiplies Christ’s Impact on the World

“Leadership is more than influence. It’s more than getting people to follow you. It’s ‘bringing the activities of many people into coordination for a good purpose.’” — Dallas Willard

Relationally healthy leaders draw on Christ’s empathy, wisdom, and power to accomplish this- bringing the activities of many people into coordination for a positive impact on individuals and the world.

You have been called to lead others not for your own glory, but for God’s glory. 

And when you lead with Jesus, you experience joy and power that will not only transform your church, organization, or company, but your own life, and the lives of those you work with.

Best of all, you can learn how to live and lead from the easy yoke of Jesus Christ. 

Christian leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit are a desperately needed and unstoppable force of goodness and godliness in our world!

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