Top Ten Soul Shepherding Posts of 2012

As we start the New Year let’s look back on Soul Shepherding in 2012. In the last year visitors connected with Jesus, the Shepherd of our souls, on 441,045 pages on Soul What were the Top Ten posts that were especially helpful?

Most Popular Posts Published in 2012

We added a lot of new content to in 2012. Here are the six that generated the most page views:

Identity in Christ Verses in the Bible

Your fingerprint is unique to you — it’s a physical mark of your identity. What about your personal identity? What defines who you are?

Imagine if the cross of Jesus Christ was the most dominant marking of your self-image? You’d know that you are so loved! You’d be so stable and confident! You’d be enthusiastically sharing the grace of the Lord with everyone you could!

Calm Your Anxious Mind

Perhaps you struggle with anxiety or worry. If so then even at night maybe you can’t seem to slow down and relax. Your mind just won’t let you rest. Why did I say that to him? …What will they think about me? …How am I going to pay my bills? …I have to get over this and be stronger.

You don’t have to live with worry like this! You can learn how to trust God to calm your anxious mind.

Lectio Divina Guides

People often ask us what the best Scripture passages are to use for Lectio Divina. Here are some Bible passages that we’ve found helpful — with Lectio Divina Guides for each. Our Lectio Divina Guides are free, easy to use, and great for small groups.

Smile, Play, and Laugh with Jesus

Where’s the smile on Jesus’ face? For many centuries when artists painted Jesus’ portrait they didn’t put a smile on his face. It has been the same in sermons, books, and gospel movies.

To see the smile of Jesus is the most important expression on his face for us to see!

The Kingdom of God for the Whole Person

I spent two weeks at the Mater Dolorosa monastery at a “Spirituality and Ministry” Doctor of Ministry class with Dallas Willard. In this audio interview and discussion I share some of the things I learned about bringing my whole person into the kingdom of God. (This is one of many new Soul Shepherding audio messages which are available online for free!)

Don’t Feel Bad

I often talk with pastors and other servants of the Lord who judge themselves harshly. I tell them, “Don’t feel bad. Feel sad.”

God never wants you to linger with bad feelings about yourself — even if you sin. Really. Check out 2 Corinthians 7:8-13 where Paul, a master psychologist, contrasts “worldly sorrow” and “godly sorrow.”

Our Three Most Popular Posts of 2012

Our three most viewed posts in 2012 were all originally posted in previous years. High volumes of traffic go to posts like these because of search engines and other websites linking to these posts.

Psalm 23 Pictures to Pray is a post from 2011 that generated 22,587 page views and was our most popular post in 2012. For each verse of Psalm 23 I have a picture of the Good Shepherd and his sheep, along with my paraphrase of the verse and a prayer. This is a wonderful devotional tool!

Fear Not 365 Days a Year is a post from 2010 that generated 14,953 page views in 2012.

Hungry Heart Scriptures is a post that goes back to a Bible Study I led in 2006 and posted on in 2011. This received 13,586 page views in 2012.

Last, But Not Least

For number ten in the Top Ten of 2012 we mention four of our posts that have been especially helpful to pastors and leaders: Jesus Set Boundaries, The Lonely Leader, The Pastor’s Wife, and Ministry Begins with Rest.

And one more for those who are not pastors but want to bless their pastor: The Best Way to Support your Pastor. This simple concept would do so much to encourage your pastor and grow you to be more like Jesus!


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