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217- Reflections of Jesus’ Cross

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:  Bill and Kristi process through each of the Stations of the Cross, which is available as Unforsaken, a free resource from Soul Shepherding. You’ll hear how each station is impacting them personally, especially in the midst of this global pandemic. Draw closer to Jesus as you walk with…

The Joy of the Cross

Easter is approaching! To help you open your heart to Christ and the abundant life that comes through his cross and resurrection I have prepared for you a series of meditations based on the ancient Stations of the Cross. I’ve written Biblical meditations and prayers for each station and have used them in my personal…

165 – Come Alive with Jesus!

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:   As we move closer to Easter, do you find yourself rushing past the pain of the cross to celebrate Jesus’ miraculous resurrection? In this episode Bill shares about writing his book Unforsaken on the stations of the cross. This honest conversation reminds us of the profound gravity…

Living Into Your Resurrection

After seeing the movie I Can Only Imagine, Bill & Kristi unpack the powerful and honest journey portrayed. The miraculous takes place when we allow the light of Jesus into the dark and difficult places in our lives. There is freedom and healing that comes when we trust Christ and his ambassadors in our lives to help us to fully receive his love and redemption.

Jesus Scorned Your Shame

At times we all feel inadequate, insignificant, less than, or unloved because of some deficiency, real or merely felt. We may fall into a pit of feeling bad about ourselves, even if we know better. We need fresh eyes and a soft heart. We need to become transfixed with Jesus’ glowing, pure face as we…

Shame-Free at the Cross

As we head into holy week and reflect on Jesus death on the cross, it is easy to find ourselves in a place of guilt and shame over our sin. Jesus knows us intimately and he never shames us! Join Bill & Kristi as they explore the miraculous love of Christ and lead us to fix our eyes on Jesus!

Lent Is Love

On the cross God is not rejecting Jesus! The Father is not looking away with disgust as Jesus bears our sin. Love is not defeated by evil. The eternal attitude of God toward Jesus is: “You are my beloved son and in you I am well pleased!” Matt 3:17, 17:5.) Because of Christ you can know God’s lavishly generous attitude toward you and every person on the planet: “You are my lovely daughter and I delight in you! You are my true son and I am so proud of you!” What a miraculous gift!