Tag: Cross of Christ

Bless My Enemies, O Lord

How do you respond when a family member speaks harshly to you? When you’re publicly criticized or slandered? When you’re vandalized or abused? Often it’s…
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Jesus is My Heaven

Recently I read a line from Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love that so warmed my heart with a longing to be close to Jesus…
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The Way Jesus Died

What if while Jesus was being crucified he would’ve gotten angry at the people who tortured him? Imagine if he would’ve said things like, “Father,…
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The Cross and the Kingdom

Jesus Christ's death on the cross provides not only our forgiveness of sins but also our eternal living in the Kingdom of the Heavens. The Bible text for this sermon is Luke's account of Jesus' death on the cross (Luke 23:26-49).
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