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Dare to Hope BIG!

Often we are afraid to hope and be disappointed. But without hope we have nothing! All good things come from hope.

Hope is the anticipation of God doing something good for you. The Bible says hope is the spring for faith and love (Colossians 1:5). Also, “Hope is an anchor for your soul” (Hebrews 6:19).

I talked about hope with Bobby Schuller (pastor of the Hour of Power televised church service) on our Soul Talks podcast:

A Hope That Won’t Disappoint.”

Why are we afraid to hope and be disappointed? Because The emotional let down is so painful and lonely. We guard against this pit of pain by calming down our hopes.

If we know how to connect with a soul friend who gives us empathy then we won’t be afraid to hope. Because even if we’re disappointed we’ll be okay in the embrace of our friend that ministers God’s grace.

The other problem is that we hope in the wrong things. We put our hopes in outcomes — in situations turning out to our favor and in prayers being answered how and when we want.

That’s not hoping in God! It’s hoping for God to do what I want.

To hope in God is to trust him as the Sovereign Lord who is bringing good things to us, including in our trials, according to what he knows is best.

I always remind myself to put my hope in God forming me to be more like Christ. I alone am responsible for that. No person or demon can prevent that. The Bible promises that hope will never disappoint us! (Romans 5:5)

It’s God’s greatest desire to permeate you in Christ-love.

Then when other people see or hear you, or even think of your name, they are drawn to the light of Christ.

Is that our hope? Is that the best thing we can imagine for ourselves?

Let’s stand before the ocean of God and hope BIG!

I don’t just talk and write about this stuff — I do it in God’s presence. That’s what I did for an hour this morning at a little waterfall by our house (as I posted on my Instagram).


Let’s pray and reflect together for a moment now.

“Deep calls to deep in the gentle roar of your flowing waves,” the Psalmist prays. “All your waves of love keep washing over me, directing me all day and making me sing all night.” (Psalm 42:7-8, my paraphrase).

This ocean isn’t far away! It’s like the sky touching my feet. I just have to wiggle my toes and open my ears. It’s being present and playful, still and sensitive, that opens my soul to heaven.

Oh, that I’d stay and contemplate long enough.

Lingering to feel the spray on my skin.

Breathing to fill my lungs with the cool, moist air.

Listening to the gentle roar of heaven reverberate inside me.

Smiling at Christ, shining as he walks on the waters to me.

Do you know the farthest out wave on the horizon takes three hours to reach your feet? I know. I’ve watched and waited. (14 miles divided by 4.4 mph is 3.2 hours. It’s the 1,520th wave!)

That swell could be the big breakthrough wave of love you’ve been needing! It could lift you from the sands to the heavens!

It’s the HOPE of a deeper love-relationship with Jesus for you and everyone you can reach! Nothing else matters much.


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“Thank you Kristi. Your words are a loving embrace from Jesus.
I look forward to all your podcasts and emails!”
Marla Christian ~ Lake Forest, CA

(See “Calming Emotional Triggers” by Kristi Gaultiere)


Listen to “A Hope That Won’t Disappoint

(“Soul Talks” Podcast with Bill Gaultiere and Bobby Schuller)


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