Bloom Where You are Planted (a Benediction)

I’d like to share with you the benediction I wrote to go with my sermon on Matthew 6:25-34, “Be God’s Wildflower — Be Worry Free.” A benediction is a blessing from God that is pronounced by one person over another.

This benediction is inspired by Jesus’ words: “Why do you worry about how you look? See how the wildflowers grow. They do not strive or strain to impress. They bloom where they are planted because God has clothed them in his splendor. If that is how God clothes the grass will he not much more clothe you?” (Matthew 6:28-30, PAR).

As Jesus spoke these words he was probably pointing out bright red poppies on the hills of Galilee (like those pictured above). What a beautiful scene! The Lord shines his glory on us when we take our place in his kingdom of the heavens.

Receive God’s Blessing

May this benediction help you to smile a prayer of thanks to the Prince of Peace.

Hear the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ:

“Do not worry. You are God’s precious wildflower.”

May you receive God’s words like rain

And sink your roots into the the Father’s love.

May you soak up the sunshine of Jesus’ smile

As you dance with joy in Spirit breezes.

“Do not worry. Lose yourself for God in his field of flowers.”

So bloom where you are planted for the glory of the Lord.

(Inspired by Psalm 103:15-17; Matthew 6:25, 28-30)

More Soul Shepherding

I Felt Inadequate. God Smiled, ‘Be My Wildflower!’” tells the story of a time I was feeling inadequate until God showed me a single wildflower, seeming lost in a field of color. I experienced a little bit of heaven in the words he whispered to my heart. I appreciated anew that my sufficiency is not in my achievements but in the beholding the Lord’s smile.


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