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177 – Imagine: See Yourself With Jesus to be Free of Shame

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks: Bill and Kristi share their initial experience with the Ignatian Meditation Guide. They discuss how meditating on the words of the Bible deepened their relationship with the Lord. Kristi relates how this practice opened her eyes and gave her a new perspective in a way she wasn’t expecting.…

153 – Enneagram: Self-Acceptance (Heart Types)

Many pastors, helpers, and care givers may resonate with the heart types.  They are good at tuning into other people’s emotions while being sensitive to their own emotions.  Kristi shares her journey as a “helper” type and how the enneagram has helped her process shame and find acceptance in God.

Feeling Inadequate at Prayer

Have you ever found yourself feeling that you are falling short in your prayer life? It’s so easy to end up in a place of self-condemnation and discouragement. Bill & Kristi lead us to discover the beauty of surrendering to the Lord in prayer, allowing him to be our shepherd, and leaning into our dependance on Him.