Tag: Scripture Meditation

Disciplines for Life in Christ

Together, by interacting with God's grace, we can be with Jesus and become like him. Disciplines for the spiritual life help us "abide" in Jesus and bear fruit, to connect deeply with him and to become more loving like he is (John 15:1-17). There is a great variety of disciplines for life in Christ that help us to grow in the love, joy and peace of God.
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Joy in Jesus!

Jesus wants us to have his joy and for our joy to be overflowing! (John 15:11) The Apostle Paul being our prime example rejoices in the Lord, even when he was flogged and jailed in Philippi and then later from a prison when he wrote Philippians, the happiest book on earth! How? Because he wasn't just in jail he was in the Kingdom of the Heavens with the risen Christ!
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Praying Psalm 91 with Jesus

This meditation on Psalm 91 is delightful and powerful! It's the story of God as a Mother Hen and us as his little chicks that find refuge under his wings, walk in his shadow, and are miraculously empowered by God to overcome the lion and the cobra! In it we receive four precious Hebrew names for God: El Yone', El Shaddai, Yahweh, and Elohiym.
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