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Bible Reading

“Let the word of Christ dwell in your richly” (Colossians 3:16). Thank God for the Bible! What a treasure store it is — inspired by…
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God’s Sabbath Rest for You Today

You and the people you touch can experience the rest of soul that Jesus brings! In this message we teach on seven words to help you experience God's Sabbath rest in your life today. Also we help you to meditate on inspiring pictures from the Sabbath Psalm (Psalm 92) and a Sabbath Breath Prayer, "Yahweh... Shalom" (Judges 6:24).
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Lectio Divina: Connecting to the Word of God with our Head and Heart

To meaningfully connect with the Word of God is to integrate the authoritative, inspired text of the Bible with the personal text of our lives. This means taking Scripture into our life in such a way that we listen to God and venture out with our confidence in him in all that we do. This workshop includes a Lectio Divina meditation on Matthew 8:5-13.
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Run Easy

“You make it look easy” a neighbor said as I ran by. “Thanks! I’m having fun,” I replied. “Have a great day!” I was doing…
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God's words have a sweet aroma

A Sweet Aroma

Don’t just read the Bible to get through it—let the Word of God read you and get through you. Learning to pray the Scriptures from…
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