Tag: Image of God

Ouch! She Hit a Nerve!

The nurse hit a nerve in my hand! I screamed in pain and now my hand is withered. Will I view God by my bad circumstances or my circumstances by God's love? I went to the cross of Christ.
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Dance with the Trinity!

Sometimes the Christian life feels like a “dogged, religious plod” rather than a “living, spirited dance!” (1 Thessalonians 4:1-2, MSG). What’s gone wrong? Dallas Willard…
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Listen and Live!

From the Old Testament kings and prophets we learn that it's by listening to God that we live. To listen to God is not about hearing with our ears, but obeying with our heart. Usually God speaks in a whisper to our heart and if we're listening that's enough to restore our souls -- that's how powerful God's Word is!
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