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Emotion is an big part of who we are and how we relate to God and one another. Making the connection between ourself, our experiences our hurts today and those we encountered as a child is critical. Our willingness to recognize those connections can be life changing. Bill & Kristi share the power recognizing the impact of emotional trauma has in bringing wholeness and healing.

In this episode, Bill & Kristi referred to Soul Shepherding’s Sabbatical Guide, a resource designed to help men and women in ministry navigate an extended time of rest and renewal. You can find Soul Shepherding’s Sabbatical Guide in our online store.

One response to “When Unconscious Trauma Causes Conflict

  • thank you so much for your devotional about trauma and it’s effect on our health. I have been a teacher also, and I have learned the importance of soul refreshment and rest for myself. Right now I am taking a sabbatical in my home– staying close to Jesus and telling those at church that I need to be on my own and be restored again. I pray they understand and learn this important lesson for themselves I pray and know that they are under the !wings of Jesus. Thank you for you ministry.

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