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“I’m fine,” we say. Men especially do this to be “strong” — much to the disappointment of family and friends (especially women!) who want more connection. Burying emotions is actually a weakness that disrupts life and ministry. Bill Gaultiere and John Loppnow, fellow pastors and counselors, share how they connect with their emotions and with God. John introduces “Immanuel Journaling” as a tool for self-awareness and prayer.

2 responses to “Immanuel Journaling

  • I am so glad that you have featured Immanuel Journaling, which I learned at the THRIVE conference in 2015. It has transformed my relationship with my Father from a fear-bonded to a love-bonded relationship.

  • I live in Canada. I live in east coast in New Brunswick, above Maine.
    I’ve been introduced this journaling by a workshop presenter in Seoul, Korea by youtube.
    I’m very new to this. I want to know more and hope to have small group doing Immanuel Journaling some day.

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