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Kristi shares her “trauma trigger” and how the Lord ministered his shining face of love on her through empathy and words of blessing. We all have “implicit memories” of childhood distress that need divine compassion. Kristi shows us how a deep hurt offered to the Lord can become a “sacred wound” that heals others.

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2 responses to “Emotional Healing For a Trauma Trigger

  • Hello Bill and Kristi, thank you so much for this. Kristi, I empathised with you in so many ways. My youngest son had pyloric stenosis and was operated on when he was seven weeks old, and I remember all the emotional triggers starting at conception through birth, childhood, lack of nurture, etc etc. And the inability to connect with myself, others and, even the Lord when he revealed himself to me in my sixties. I’ve always commented on the amazing g empathy you show to each other and even marvelled at it because I’ve never really received it from the world. But Jesus is bringing me through, and I know that he has carried me throughout my life because I wouldn’t have survived otherwise. It’s taken three misdiagnoses of schizophrenia, chronic anxiety and clinical depression starting at the age of 19 for me to finally be able to self-diagnose through my research and show my doctor the work of Bessel Von Kolk who is an expert in PTSD and developmental PTSD. And he agrees with me completely that developmental PTSD is what I’ve been trying to deal with all along. So little seems to be known about it in the U.K., but I hav found that the scariest moments have been when I couldn’t cope and no one ekes, nit even the professionals, knew how to help. You know, Bill, already that I’m writing a book to help others who are living with it. It’s called HOPE RESTORED, a guide to embracing the storms of developmental PTSD. This is my calling in life and the Holy Spirit is guiding me through it. This podcast was very powerful indeed. It just about triggered the neglect in my whole childhood and beyond. It had me in tears. There are so many suffering from this invisible illness, it is so invisible to others, but so real to us, that there is little or no empathy, that’s what I have found in the past, and that’s what so many people are experiencing now. My great comfort is that the Lord uunderstands perfectly, he died for us all, and he has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us in our hour if need. When I eventually go to glory my biggest regret would not be that I have had to live with this nearly all my life for fear of being sent back to hospital, but it would be if I didn’t help others through my experiences. You once told me to message you on your website, Bill. I think, if you don’t mind, that I will do so. You are both so I spurationsl, the most inspirational couple I have ever been in contact with. May God continue to richly bless your ministry as you reach out to others, and show his love to us all.

  • This is a significant podcast. I would like to see a list of significant podcasts. This one at the top! I have been on a journey of learning recent revelations about human development for the past 7-8 years. It wasn’t a conscious decision, and here it is today, in this podcast, this wonderful wonderful collection of understanding that puts all that gathering in a very encouraging context! We, as a culture and globally, are in a mothering crisis. While the feminist movement is really important, the outcome is mothers gave their babies over to caregivers in a room full of other children and this initial forming and nurturing of emotions during this early time of our lives was/is neglected, it was not how God designed it. We are a neglected people. It is important to remember healthy raising of children wasn’t even a topic yet. We live, and with your important influence, in a time when how to be with infants and children is recognized and now being taught to help us grow to be loving the way Jesus commands us. Does it need to be the mother? No! but every infant/child needs one person who knows about this empathy attuning and will be with that child. The term “40% good enough mothering” gives hope. Who knows if it’s accurate, but the hope it gives suggests if we have someone in our lives who is consistent with us . . maybe only 40% of the time . . we will develop into a lover. Thank you so much for your kind words today. I am hopeful they will help someone I care about.

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